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  1. you say it has a frequency converter for the FM. In which country does it not need a frequency convertor? I'm just interested.
  2. I recently purchased one of the 480 decks, thinking it would be almost exactly the same as the 470. Not to be! the main board is quite different and has no mounting points for optical out or the other usefulconnections the previous model had. Looks quite cheap inside. I can provide photographic evidence if you don't believe me. Perhaps the lack of optical out mod ability should be on its page in the browser, so its vices catch out fewer would-be buyers who assume it's basically the same as the 470, or any previous deck in the low range. If anyone has done or can do a optical out mod for this deck, let me know how it's done. It will be a much greater challenge compared to previous decks. Otherwise it seems pretty good, for what it is.
  3. wireless remote for MD player??

    The remote issues commands by switching resistances across pins 2 and 4. I have built a working titler that connects to the pc and titles whilest winamp plays music to be recorded simultaneously. I know that a company was developing this for a while but it fell through due to lack of demand. However, on the projects page of this website, you will find instructions on making something similar to what you require - you'll need to be good with a soldering iron though. I considered it for a while (IR encoders/decoders for wireless remote controls are very cheap) but when the remote is used, the optio of line out isn't avaliable on my recorder, and the headphone output is very quiet through my home amplifier. Goodluck to you.
  4. 11/21: Wild MZ-R700/R500 Hack

    Hi all, hacked my mz-r700 some time ago, but now i have a mz-r900, and i enjoy All the features. :rasp: If anyone would like some info on service mode values please ask, but try to be specific, there are hundreds, remeber. PM me.
  5. when i first got a minidisc recorder, i didn't know about this and all my recordings were shite. The automatic recording level gives a huge and very noticable dynamic compression, and sounds awful most of the time, except when recording live acoustic music eg guitars, where it's fairly good. However if you record from a digital source, the quality will not be affected this way, it is a direct copy off the cd (or whatever) ad will have the same dynamic profile. Hope this helps
  6. I can't tell you why you have your problem with trackmarks, but i also had that problem, with 3 soundcards i tried. I have many mp3s that i want to move onto minidisc, for a number of reasons and was really irritated that they'd record as one long track, with "digital silence" or not. Now i have the answer, and it's free! (except for the time taken). I made a minidisc titler interface that connects to the printer socket on my pc using instructions from http://www.southcom.com.au/~tpitman which i made as part of my college coursework. It just works with winamp, starts the recording simultaneously, copies the title across automatically, and hits t-mark at the beginning of eack song, then stops the minidisc recorder. I couldn't believe it. The interface should be the same for all minidisc units and wasn't too hard to make, i also got all the components free from the college :happy: . His software mayn't work with your recorder if it isn't a sony 900 though. But it's a great peice of equiptment to have.
  7. i recon the thing that pokes into the hole to see whether the disc is protected or not has broken off so it will see all discs as protected. It shouldn't be difficult for someone technically competant to bodge up with some glue, if you stick it so that it thinks all discs are unprotected... Try it and see. Good luck
  8. MZ-N10 or MZ-NF610

    the nf610 is slightly larger and has a radio. do you need a radio? the n10 has more functions, it is the top of the rsnge
  9. i dont think the phono preamp would work, the cartrage on a turntable gives a different signal i belioeve, and the preamp also gives RIAA equalkisation (less teble and more bass, or possibly the other way around)
  10. you need to do the mz-n707 hack - this will give you the line output option which (should) be louder, if this doesnt produce good results, use your pc's soundcard (minidisc to line in, line out of soundcard to hifi, set vol on minidisc to full, all volumes on pc to full and this is louder, or connect to tapedeck, put in rec-listen mode and set rec level to the amount you need
  11. MZ-G750 Oddoties

    make sure you get a quote and find out what's wrong before they fix it and charge you, if you decide it's too expensive a private reparier may be able to do the work for less
  12. MZ-G750 Oddoties

    you might as well try the head cleaner, but i think these have littlke effect in majority of cases, you can say stuff is hard/expensive to repair but if you source parts yourself then have local shop fit them (if you cant yourself) this is very cheap and i've done it with cd player etc, it costs very little for manufacture these parts and sony servioce centres charge so much, dont even have one within 50 miles of here anyway, but it is not expensive as you think if you are prepared to try, guaranteed there is a cheap replacement recording head out there, just go find it!"
  13. mz r700 No track marks on silence between tracks.

    but do you really want a 20second gap? even though the manual says it should auto trackmark i've always been dissapointed that my 700 doesnt when it records from digital, but it's fine from cd players digital output best of luck with your 505
  14. there was never any doubt that optical is a digital source
  15. mz r700 No track marks on silence between tracks.

    to dissapoint you further...there are plugins that create as much spacve as you liek between tracks for winamp...but you'll never get a trackmark because the pc's otput is continuous, i have to manually trackmark everythjing i record from pc. Alternativce is Mironics titler which has a winamp plugin that presses tmark between each track (i believe, i've neveer tried the thing. cheap clones can be ahd on ebay