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  1. Dh10p For Sale

    in the description it says it has line in & mic in, wtf.
  2. Dh10p For Sale

    someone is already selling a dh10p on ebay ldh10p
  3. Dh10p For Sale

    a dh10p on sale at ebay. not by meebay
  4. What Was The Last Film You Saw?

    i heart huckabees, it was a fantastic movie. jude law is in that too.
  5. i have 11 and only filled 5. pcm only?
  6. Lp2(ss) Compared To Hi-lp(optical)

    nevermind, i tried it. lp2 still sounds way better.
  7. anyone do a comparison. if so, what are the results
  8. What are you listening to right now?

    alice in chains-dirt and self titled chemlab-burn out at the hydrogen bar, east side militia, and suture clutch- self titled codeseven-sense of coalition,division of labor, the rescue, and dancing echoes dead sounds deftones-around the fur and white pony, some one stole adrenaline lost prophets- fake sound of progress machine head- the burning red mad season- above nine inch nails- pretty hate machine snot- get some soundgarden- superunknown spineshank- the height of callousness fear factory- archetype helmet- aftertaste more machine than man- electrolust 1gb plus lp2= lots of music gotta love it
  9. What Are Your Favourite Albums In Your Collection?

    i'm doing top 5 bands instead of albums. it is to tough to choose just one top 5 industrial: kmfdm more machine than man chemlab stabbing westward 16 volt top 5 metal: tool fear factory pissing razors codeseven machine head top 5 light bands: the hollies moody blues electric light orchestra duran duran the cars
  10. Lossless Music Downloads

    i checked it out, but the albums i'm looking for weren't there. chemlab, oxidizer and codeseven, dancing echoes/dead sounds. i already got the codeseven cd through itunes, but the quality isn't that good. plus, i've burnt it twice and they both are f-cked. one has really strange hissing sounds and the second just wont play on anything. you know, the quality of my music never bothered me. that was until i heard all you guys talking about how horrible lp4 was. now anything under lp2 just isn't good enough for me. thanks for changing my ears. the world seems so much more enjoyable now.
  11. New Look

    love what you've done with the place
  12. Lossless Music Downloads

    thanks much for the replies and any future replies
  13. Lossless Music Downloads

    what download services offer lossless downloads. the only one i know of is mindawn. are there any others.
  14. nec's 30 second rechargable battery

    sorry about the double post. i clicked back to edit
  15. Anyone got a Nintendo DS yet?

    yeah, i was upset when sony jumped in and beat the crap out of sega. i'm still a sega fan. i own a nomad, saturn and dreamcast. i also have a ps2, but i hate myself for it.