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  1. Same here. I couldn't care less about mp3 support, since I can transfer them already with SonicStage (gasp! I don't hates the nassty softwares! ) OLED and 32 hrs playback, on the contrary... hmmmm... edit: not that I'd use it 32 hours in a row, of course, but still...
  2. I never had any problem doing that. Additionally, for what it's worth, I never read anywhere that it was bad for the battery or unit. just my $0.02
  3. Been a member of Through The Looking Glass since December of 2000, founded my own in Jan. 2004, but they're a bit deserted since we opened Shock Unlimited, a larger database, later this year. I've posted in a 'Battle Royale' board that doesn't exist anymore, and occasionally at Slashdot and Real Life Comics
  4. Well, as I operated the MD with one hand, I had this happen a few times, enough to be worth mentioning: As I opened the MD door, my thumb slipped on the battery door and it clicked open, which forced me to free my other hand in order to close it. Now, I always take care and pay attention when I switch disks. Although it probably has little to do with my clumsiness, my previous MD was a Sharp MD-MS721, which used a slot-in 'doorless' system. Perhaps it's just me slowly getting used to Sony's products :happy:
  5. As the title says. Since it's apparently available in Japan and at Minidisco.com, I was wondering if there were reviews out there. I love the way it looks, and I may actually afford to buy one sometime next year, so... Well, question's asked. :smile: Also, reading the specs, it appears to *not* have radio. That's disappointing if true, as it should be standard on a minisystem such as this one, especially given its price. confirm/deny?
  6. slight edit: I meant 'mic' jack, not 'line in'. And it is not *required* to use SS, it's perfectly possible to record stuff without having a computer, even on a Hi-MD disk... o.ô
  7. It is possible to record from tape, CD and any source you want to plug to the 'line in' jack, just like before. :smile:
  8. Apologies for the mistake I made earlier, I apparently forgot a recharge somewhere in those five days. (As you guys already pointed out) The test: after full recharge, I started a MD set on 'infinite loop' last evening at midnight, planning to let it play until the battery dies (for the last time, corien ) It stopped playing sometime between 12:40 and 13:00. So, my mistake... embarrassing... come to think of it, I should have done the math... :whatever:
  9. Yep, I tried that with 'Pirates of the Carribean', and as in DivX 5 it's just over 500Mb, I even had space left for the soundtrack CD... :happy:
  10. well I'm pretty sure it happened at least once. (reading only...) I'll... uh... check again next week, just to be sure. Thanks for the tip about not draining all of it, I didn't know that. I have yet to buy new headphones, as those which come with the player are far from perfect. However, I often plug the MD to my stereo or external speakers to listen to my discs. I don't move a lot these days Thanks for the welcome =)
  11. Hey there I wrote this little text about the Sony MZ-NH1. As I may write more small reviews like this one in the future, I'd like to know what you think of it, from an "editorial" POV, that is, if there are things to change or add, if it's useful enough... I know there are approximations and analogies instead of actual figures and stats, but I'm not a tech guy, so sorry for that. I tried to find good examples instead. Hope you like. Waiting for your comments =) -A.
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