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  1. Hi-md And Mac

    Thanks. Not to beat a dead horse, but there has been plenty of misinformation here and there. I wanted to make sure that you have observed this to be true even on home-recorded tracks, which really shouldn't be DRM'ed? It is suprising to me, since for example you can burn your own DVDs with CSS if you really want to, but most home users happily churn out unencrypted DVDs. So the Hi-MD disc has an encrypted file even when you recorded it yourself in PCM, huh? Thanks. Jeremy
  2. Hi-md And Mac

    JMG, what happens when you plug in your unit by USB? Can you see the unit as a volume, and do your recorded trackes appear? Does it make a difference whether you recorded them yourself as opposed to ripped tracks? Is there even one large audio track for the whole thing? I'm trying to see if recording in PCM would allow this to upload to a Mac without software. Thanks. JCH