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  1. I thought atrac3 is still supported in japan?
  2. [SOLVE] Noisy Sounds over MP3

    I experience this problem too with SS3.3... where is this codec located? I can't seem to find it.
  3. Hey, does anyone know if there is cheap/easy to find place to get these earphones in Seoul, South Korea? Thanks.
  4. Do these look like good earbuds?

    you don't need a job for ebay, you just need to register and they send you a letter to confirm your address within a week. Then, you sign up for paypal and do your money transactions with your bank through that. I am in the same situation as you, and am planning on buying Panasonic HJE50's instead of the sony ex71's because 1) price is lower, 2) specs are btter, 3) build quality is reportedly better. I've never dealt with ebay before, so I'm just telling you what I have done so far. I found them from Hong Kong for $20US + $10US Shipping. Only thing is...there is no shipping insurance available. Should I be worried?
  5. SonicStage -- R.I.P -- 'CONNECT Player' is born.

    Do you think the most recent line of network walkmans and/or the latest network hi-md's are considered 'legacy devices'? I sure hope my nw-e407 will be supported... and that connect player lives up to it's hype.
  6. Do you like SonicStage - at all?

    Same for me. Other than speed and eye candy (which are pretty important in user friendliness -- especially speed!) the software does its job for my nw-e407.
  7. Sony/Panasonic MiniDisc CM [Commercial] Ads

    What is the song in this commercial? Thanks.
  8. ATRAC Around the World

    Hey, I came across this photo gallery this morning while surfing the web: http://gallery.ipodlounge.com/thumbnails.p...lastup&cat=-133 I thought, why don't we do something like that? 'Atrac3 Around the World' or something like that, since imo sony devices have more of a cool factor than ipods. Plus, it would be interesting to see the diversity of the members of this forum. What do you think?
  9. SonicStage 3.2, Initial Impressions

    Can anyone confirm if the US version works with Canadian devices? I have a NWE407, and I'm wondering if I could use this new version, as the update for Canada has not yet been released. Also, what is the reason that the US version might not work with devices bought in other regions? Thanks in advance.