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  1. Do you like SonicStage - at all?

    I'm not sure, but I experienced it only after the upgrade. I'll keep searching, I really don't want to reformat.
  2. Do you like SonicStage - at all?

    No, I do NOT like SonicStage - at all. When I bought my NH700 I got the 2.0 version with it on the CD. Installed and used without any problem, apart from the strict restrictions on MP3's it could convert (see also: VBR), but I came around it by converting to .wav first. About a half year ago I bought the NW-E107 for the girlfriend, of course the SS V2.0 didn't recognize it, so I went ahead and updated with the V2.3 that came on the E107 CD. Now, that one handled the new unit well, but completely forgot about the old one. I could still access it as a removable drive thru Windows Explorer, but not SS. Reinstall, of course, didn't help a thing. Fortunately I had most of my music on the HiMD already, so I survived somehow. (I think here I should mention the most interesting bug I've ever seen in SS: I ripped a CD to MP3, 14 tracks, same encoder, 128 Kbps stereo, no VBR, so everything's pretty much standard - and the goddamn thing wouldn't convert the 1st, 2nd and 14th tracks to Atrac, but all the others were fine... ) The next encounter with SS came when I got a working internet connection 2 months ago, and I updated SS to V3.3 thru the online updater. It was working like a charm: handled both our units and did all I wanted it to do. I should have held on to it, but unfortunately... ...I "upgraded" to V3.4 a few days ago. Now it looks like I'll have to reinstall XP, 'coz the motherbanging thing screwed up everything! None of my players are recognized, and, apart from my USB mouse, NOTHING plugged into ANY of my laptop's four USB ports is recognized by the PC (pendrive, digital camera etc). Now I know I should have adhered to the rule of thumb: "If it ain't broken don't fix it". I don't really know anything about the library, as I was scared away from it in the first few minutes; I don't record with the NH700 so I never encountered the "upload-once" thing; I want to stress that I LOVE my HiMD to pieces; but the problem described above and the thought I can put music on my player only through this heap of crap is enough to make me consider getting another player. ***EDIT: My bad, actually the SS version that came with the E107 is 3.0, not 2.3, but all the other things are correct.
  3. Hi-MD

    Well then I'm the most perverse one of them all, because I use my MZ-NH700 for listening only - I only have 2 discs, one of them never used. I listen to it 8 hours a day at work (seriously!), but there are still entire albums on my disc that I never get to listen to...