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  1. Not all windows updates requre reboots, and I can't explain the firefox thing, maby just a ff bug. Well good to hear its all ok now!
  2. ha, that's kinda funny. sorry. If you want my opinion I say its dead. I doubt you can do that manually. You should contact Sony and (for a fee) see if they could repair it. Or get-yourself a Hi-MD player or a newer Net MD player!
  3. Lossy to lossy conversion isn't actually as bad as some people make it out to be, but it isn't recommended at all. Yes, Hi-MD players can play/use lp2 files. You can also play the old disks on a Hi-MD player.
  4. I am actually thinking of getting one! lol I like the max battery life I would love to hear your experiences with it after you get back from the Sony store. I am just waiting too see what this hdd player rumor turns out to be.
  5. danielbb90

    Hi-SP vs Hi-LP

    But remember there are different bit-rated between these 2, like 192kbps. Just test them all untill you find one your comfortable with.
  6. To be honest I woulden't install IE 7 anyway. its slower that firefox and firefox has more features. (Just my 2 cents).
  7. lol, I don't think there is any important info on them, some CD's that I have the disc for thats about it. But thats another Really good point!
  8. Thats a real good point! There already broken, so what will I loose (unless I use them before they dried) thanks
  9. Err Grape Pop.... Well it wan't exactly me. We had visitors (and as usual I am the one kicked out of my room! ) My pairents were in my room and my dad beein' the clumsy thing he is spilled grape pop all over my minidiscs, thankfully not my NH1 but about 90% of my disks are now dead (including 3 1GB Hi-MDs), but I don't have to time to figure out what ones they are so I still have them!!!! They tried to hide it so they all got mixed up! I didn't know untill I found purple stuff inside some of them! I coulden't figure out why some of them didn't work!
  10. Update to the latest version of sonicstage (3.4 and later) and you can upload directly from your Hi-MD disks on either computer. http://forums.minidisc.org/index.php?showtopic=9586
  11. I just got a set of MDR-EX71 They even came with a mini soft case
  12. sorry but it makes more sence witout it as it is an offline installer lol
  13. A quick Question, does this version have the connect store? Edit: It Does, is there a chance of having one without connect store?
  14. Evanescence Fallen. She has a amazing voice (And shes not bad looking either) I like there new album but this one has the edge.
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