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  1. i'll admit this..i picked up a friends ipod once..and i couldn't figure out how to work it...for some reason the huge control pad being one large touchpad that i had to move my finger around to scroll menus..that's just...i don't know. I don't like it. It's not the best mp3 player out there by a long shot..Apple just markets the crap out of it. I do use SonicStage 3.3 for my PSP...i used OpenMG jukebox for NetMD back in the day and that was a REAL hassle. 3.3 has REALLY improved things..and it's less evil and controlling than it used to be. I don't know what transfer times are like on Hi-MD.
  2. I don't why why Sony made all those ATRAC3plus bitrates and like..doesn't allow Hi-MD to play them back..it's not like it would make the system THAT much more complicated.. but the PSP does play all the bitrates of ATRAC3plus (that i know of), you can also just straight drag and drop mp3's, AAC (mp4), and WAV (yes, wave) into the MUSIC folder. If you use a homebrew app..you can playback OGG Vorbis audio. however, like i said..don't think i'm trying to go PSP vs. MD. I didn't buy the PSP as a portable music device, the memory sticks were too expensive...but..after getting a couple and playing
  3. in my search for good phones throughout the years (the last 11 years or so) i've encountered many brands..and...i did use some cheap stuff for a while...but when you're 13 you're pressed for cash and Sennheiser's weren't exactly cheap back then. I used to have a nice pair of $89 Technics cans i got at an outlet for $19. I don't remember the model...all i can tell you is it had a funky size adjustment design, which ultimately lead to the death of the cans...the cans were mounted on this band..it was rather large..but, there was this vinyl strap attatched to spring loaded tracks...that's how th
  4. yeah...yeah...i got that....ok....now...here's the thing i'm wondering... what exactly is it going to count as an analog recorded track....is that JUST tracks recorded from md or tracks not imported from mp3/wma/cd...because...i can't convert ANY of my stuff from the PSP to WAV..of course..none of it is analog recorded either it was all mp3 oi WAV imported i was just...shocked...to find the opem OMA files and just about complete total lack of lock down (there is SOME) on my music. I came here...cuz i know ATRAC3 was on MD first and if anyone could give me feedback on what was going on with t
  5. But that's only for music transferred via USB right? I had read analog recordings can be uploaded, which, would be GREAT...but i also read the HiMD decks themselves don't record PCM... It is kinda nice i cam make open oma/omg files now..rather than things being install specific..there's a nice folder where everything encoded gets dumped....which means when it hits 4 gigs i could burn everything to DVD and have backups of my ATRAC3 stuff. but, it's like i've argued with other PSP owners (who are against any kind of DRM) is that even if the OMA files are encrypted...like...i don't think we ca
  6. not if you're importing from MP3/WMA or WAV files. MP3 and WMA files have provisions to allow you to add album art...which..that does work..no problem there...but i got stuff in odd formats (FLAC/AAC/MusePaCk) that i have to go to wav. it will only do CDDB on albums you import from audio CD.
  7. See, all the old problems with SonicStage is why i abandoned MD. I've now got a PSP..i'm using SonicStage 3.3 (heh....3.3..anyone..anyone..Bueler...Bueler....*cough*DOS*cough*) to transfer ATRAC3 over to it, and, i will say, it's been a dream...it occasionaly does lock up and i have to unplug my USB cable and let it just..reset and plug it back up...and the fact i have to manually add album art to each track for it to work (PSP displays album art)....but..i can live with those. it does eat RAM (suggestion: get a gig of ram) it'll eat yourhard disk if you don't tell it not to.
  8. you also have to remember various rounding off functions are done in the frequency analysys in order to make the window more accurate. Personally, i've never fully trusted frequency analysys overall...yes, 48kbps has a sharp 14khz cutoff...and it's ALMOST detectable...but...let's be honest...how many people have the headphones and the ears to tell? I've tested various aac codecs at 48kbps and i've even taken ogg down that low in an attempt to find the best sounding format at the lowest bitrate...for a while my winner was 64kbps WMA....but...48kbps A3P does an overall nice job of shaping and
  9. Hi... I'm a former MD owner from the pre-MDLP days. I used to hang around on the MD-L...either as dewdude (dew_dude) or minidiscfreak. As i said, i'm oldschool. I started off with the MDBundle5....which the portable didn't last any amount of time...well, my sister at this time also got the MDBundle4..and after a few months she stuck everything in her closet. I took it upon myself to take her J530 which had the phantom power problem, bu removing the disc carrage from my 320 which had a broken wirte head, swap boards, and replace. It's probably one of the ONLY 530's out there without the phan
  10. hi i'm a former minidisc user...in fact..i'm from the pre MDLP/NetMD days and i also had a NetMD unit, i sold both after i moved. However, i used to hang around the MD-L mailing list WAYYYY back when (dewdude and minidiscfreak) so, hopefully you guys will humor me, besides, this is an ATRAC thread...if anyone disagrees, feel free to have it removed...but, for the most part, i'm trying to study ATRAC3plus and how SonicStage works a bit more in-depth than just plug it in and transfer music. The last MD unit i owned was the blue netMD portable (can't remember the model)...currently, i own a Son
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