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Kenwood K's | 1999 Series

*pictorial-review edited

The Kenwood K’s – in my opinion, the Holy grail of all MD blanks the Mystic MiniDisc few knows exist but does that do are lucky dudes :D Somewhere in a Far away country called Japan a mystic MiniDisc suddenly appeared in some Kenwood shops Surprised witnesses tells about Agents pulling up a Small mystic Blank thing from the pocket when showing them the Kenwood MD deck.

They was told is a MiniDisc but on first glance there was no trace of this; and if one in a million got to see this sealed Mystic MiniDisc blanks even lesser got to see the MiniDisc without its wrapper. But finally, today the greatest mystery in MiniDisc blanks history ever is revealed "The Kenwood mystery".

Watch the images below closely, and save it to your computer you may as well never see it again. Only a very few MDs was made, and normal people could not just pop in a shop and get them, they was not for sale.

IPB ImageIPB Image

IPB ImageIPB Image

IPB Image

Only the Agents in Some Kenwood-shops got them for demonstration. As you can see AXIA (Fuji Japan) made them for Kenwood. I guess it’s from the 1999 era and is an elegant classy design for being from that time.

It even has a modern transparent Slipcase made by AXIA; but of course with the usual brilliant Kenwood words. Labels are just standard AXIA labels from that time but there is something funny. Kenwood wants to tell you are "lucky" if you really get yours hands on this MiniDisc and even more if you reveal the mystery of the shrink-wrap

I am so happy to own one of the few Kenwood MD blanks that ever existed. So I guess, at least I could share the photos with you. If you are into getting this disc, you must have a lot of patience, and wait years and year on an auction maybe some Kenwood agent put the Holy Grail for sale. I know this is just a Standard classic MiniDisc but somehow it feel so special having a MiniDisc blanks with "Kenwood" on it.

Thanks goes out to AXIA and Kenwood for making such nice MiniDisc blanks; and thanks to the one who sold it to me for 25 times the price of a normal MiniDisc ~ really worth it being that rare.

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