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  1. Is the ribbon cable the USB cable because i have problem with it sometimes it detect MD when pluggin in sometimes not could be that cable make the problem when recording?
  2. Can i get a Cleaning -MD and try clean the MD unit maybe it can extend the lifetime just a bit I dont want to repair it probaly be expensive I might get a temporary solution by buying some Low-budget new Net-MD older models that they have left over or stock at a sony store
  3. The problem still persist but i can record disk If i start record an album of 12 Songs after recording i get Blank disc (after MD has been removed and reinserted into the unit) BUt then if I just transfer one song then remove the Md it will play that song fine I then can drag the rest of the songs of the album to the MD that had the one song and it will then transfer fine and work Could this has something to do with the "Start" and "END" recording of a MD?
  4. Everytime i do a Recording now with my Nz-n910 net md the Minidisc show Blank disc I using the latest sonicstage for Vista and havent had a problem with it on vista before Sonicstage show all tracks are transfered correctly Songs show up on the right side on the software and on the player while plugged in i can also play the song with player plugged into pc and sonictage and hear the music come out of headphones plugged in player Now, here comes the problem When i plug out the player And try to play the songs i recorded Player now says "Blank Disc" i also think that i dont can see the Toc edit message at all I then plug in the player again and the PC freezes (this almost never happen is a new laptop) happened once.... Sometimes: - The songs recent recorded wont play with the MD plugged into sonicstage either then it make a spinning sound - The songs transfer fine and play fine without blank disc error <---- IM testing this now ALL old MD that i recorded previous this problem are working perfectly UPDATE: Now i transfered 2 tracks but the rest of the album wont play the songs however show up on the right in sonicstage and on the player just wont play
  5. The reason why Sony or anyone else dont promote the MD now is that the marked share in Japan is too low to get any profit on it at all (I do agree they should have promoted it better before) As for blanks the Marked share are almost non existant now (not only MD but all the recording media industry including CD are suffering, only some DVD and Flash cards get good profit i read often on MMIS) MD has gone from being Mainstream to PRO meaning you wont get MD in any store as before people in some TV studios etc... are still using Minidisc as recording devices so it is sitll a Marked for MD but it is not mainstream any longer and as much we will like it it will never be again The fun part with MD was that something new was released every year (MD units, blanks ....) today most of this is gone, we only have what has been released this make it not so fun as before I dont think we should blame Mp3 players or people marked preferences The truth is that Sony has not done good enough efort (marketing/price reduction/open softwares..) to make the MD be a Lang lasting hit except of true MD lovers, unfortunaly that is no longer the mass marked and therefor not give any useful profit to the Makers of MD is now more of a Niche marked which Sony and some others still do because they dont loose money , but they dont make profit of it either (this can soon change) As much as we would like it MD is no longer being made focused on the usual Young people wanting "music on the Move" RH1 was made mostly for the PRO marked (TV studio records , voice recording etc...) Portable music has been 90% part of my 30 years old life. and without portable music my intress in music would never be so high. I gone through the phase of Casette walkman >>> Discman >> minidisc >> and now into more Mp3 players Even if .mp3 files have lesser quality of what we was used to are they so easy to get on the internet is great to get a release same day is released and not have to wait for a shop to get the CD. Now NETMD was great (i still do NETMD recordings) I never realy got into the Hi-MD thing (not just yet) and it didnt proved sucessfull atleast not as much as NETMD and MD I recent got my self a Samsung P2 touch screen player and i am in heaven. I do love the fact of using my NETMD and having lot of cool blanks with me in the pocket but having a solid and trustful mp3 player (like samsung) with lot on songs on (320kbps bitrates) lot of Movies and be able to see the Album art while listening to the song + the cool touch screen sensation Just go Ahead over the Excelent feeling of Having a MD with many cool blanks. Most of us that buyed MD the first time did so because it was a "New" technology everyone was using CD or TAPE and we was way ahead with our MD remember when you told you friend it was Smaler than his Discman and Better quality than his tapes. in conclusion "Nothing" could compete with MD. Sadly this is no longer the Cause as Multimedia Mobile phones and mp3 players now is both smaler and chaper than MD. And the Other "NEW" thing on the marked is the new trend of Watching Musicvideos (something i always wanted) and together with the Touch screens this take us a step forward into the "NEW" gadgets we enjoy. I do feel like getting a Hi-MD (special RH10) but..... the price is so high and is not easy to get (only RH1 in my country) And having all those cool Gadgets mp3 players with touch screen make me believe i will not use MD as often as them. NOW....... I probaly doomed the Portable Marked in favour of "high quality" mp3 players (like samsung) BUT.... I still see MD very good for Backup your music collection and buying a NETMD deck i would like I no longer Record music from CD or Radio everything i do is MP3 and this has improved my life. I have known artist i never would have known if "downloading" havent existed. I therefor see Mp3 players Vs MD as a lost cause since is realy no point in getting around searching for a Expensive MD player that wont play Music videos on the move (i know i am addicted to videos now ) or having such a stylish design as many mp3 players now (Except RH10 which look cool) If it was more easy to get HI-MD decks and they was not so expensive i would probaly get one now as they are realy good sound in them. I still Collect MD blanks but the Lack of New release of blanks is a real pain Nothing new realy to look forward too. MD is no longer the "New kid in the block" the kid have grown up and get old and sadly almost forgotten. MD is per today the best Portable Recording media with stable lasting Blanks and good quality software but the still high price, the difficulties in getting MD and that the MD now has halted not evolving anymore make me favour mp3 player for street use. Atleast with a mp3 player i can watch "music videos" (Sometimes you enjoy more watching a song) "Bluetooth" (I always wished for wireless headphones samsung mp3 players has this) Wallpapers (big screen mp3 players has this) and the cool touch screen. But... I miss something from MD: With MD i could "Edit" a song on the fly anywhere arange the order of the song and even Delete a song without conecting it to a PC, this is not possible with my Mp3 players Still in All this and even if Sony Refuse to continue to develop on the minidisc is good to have a MD community. As for Mp3 players/hardisk crash thing i do agree. but i back up all my songs on DVD and update the DVD several times a year + not owning just one mp3 player make me always have the same songs even some mp3 player stop working. Im also investing in a external hardrive meaning i should be safe AND... i do backup all Artist on MD just to be extra safe I am waiting to see if Sony release something in 2008 before i buy more MD.
  6. I was thinking about getting a MZ-Rh10 before end of 2007 but considering Sonicstage is Ending (maybe be updating a bit but not last forever) Does this means RH 1 is the only one that will work if Sonicstage ends? or is sonicstage still needed for RH1 too? In anycase maybe this means Sony will release some MDs like drag and drop or something..... I think is in October or November The 15th Aniversary of Minidisc if sony Ever will release more Mds we will know very soon (actualy we should have know by now but it can be aniversary editions anouncement comes later) Actually i would have get an RH1 if it wasnt that the unit dosnt display the Names i dont like carry the remote with me always and Long time ago i finished writing the song names on the Md cards So hope Sony comes up with something better Maybe a Color screen Minidisc or something with a big touch screen like iphone if it was expensive i would buy it as long as quality is top. Until then i probaly go import a Rh10
  7. Is a Top quality Media producer since 1998 from Germany http://www.intenso.de/?chglang=EN
  8. I was browsing the oldnews gallery at Minidisc.org and came across someone pointing out Minidisc blanks by Intenso. Beeing the Mdblank geek i am i was surprised since i never heard intenso producing Minidiscs. I contacted Intenso to confirm this and surprisingly got an confirmation that Intenso made MD 4 years ago. unfortunaly they had no pictures of it but it was sold in a 5MD slimcase. Does anyone Has Or know where Intenso MD is sold or has some photos they can show of. Probaly is very rare but Intenso itself was known for being the first company starting selling Cd in spindles (after what i read) I been googling for days but cant find any reference to Intenso MD except for the oldnews on minidisc.org that point to a part on the intenso.de website that no exist longer (md page) and the confirmation i got by intenso on email. any help is realy aprecitated.
  9. Ok thanks I do that No, is something i have to talk to him about.
  10. Trying to get a hold on him but no post here by him since March 2007 and in tstation since spring 2006. Anyone know a forum or email i can reach him (If so pm me)
  11. If you are amongst the few to know about Chum you know is the most funny Md ever. If you have never heard about Chum you may wonder what is Chum ? This is chum: You can see all Chums here: http://www.oliver-richter.com/md/thumbnails.php?album=215 But most people have never Seen a "Chum" regardless if you remember Chum or have never meet chum Here comes the good news "Chum is not dead, Chum is back" for 2 years i searched the web to try to find the Makers of chum (Com alliance) and today was my lucky day Chum is back : http://www.comalliance.co.jp/product/top_media.html Now i just need to get a blue and cyan Chum and i have the whole color range.
  12. Earlier this year Imation anounce That Tdk had agreed in a Acquision by Imation Now Is done. "Imation Closes Acquisition of TDK Brand Recording Media Business for Approximately $260 Million in Stock and Cash" Highlights of the completed transaction include the following: - Imation purchased a combination of assets and stock of TDK's recording media business and use of the TDK brand name for current and future recording media products including magnetic tape, optical media, flash media and accessories. -The TDK brand recording media business operates globally, with major operations in Japan, Europe, the United States, and throughout the Asia Pacific region. A total of approximately 350 TDK employees in the recording media business have transferred to Imation and an additional number of employees will provide transitional services for a period of time. An integration team is assessing the future requirements for the combined business. - The transaction includes a Supply Agreement providing uninterrupted and continuing supply of TDK brand products to the market. TDK will retain R&D and manufacturing operations for recording media products including audio, video and data storage tape, and Blu-ray optical discs. TDK will supply TDK brand products to Imation as well as non-TDK brand products to its other OEM customers. -Under terms of the agreement, Imation has a long-term right to use of the TDK brand for current and future recordable magnetic, optical, flash media and accessory products globally. That right is revocable by TDK after 25 years, with a one year wind down. The transaction includes a Supply Agreement for TDK branded magnetic tape products, to include data storage, audio and video tape cartridges. http://ir.imation.com/phoenix.zhtml...4418&highlight= Comments: So what does this means for us Minidisc user? It means that All TDK Minidisc and other tdk products will continue to be made by TDK but Distribuited and owned by Imation. It also mean that Imation has the right to sugest and do changes Will we see Imation Minidisc?, with time we will see. Another theory (of mine) is that Memorex Minidisc may not be dead right now Memorex usa is selling out the stock they have Memorex usa MD is made by Hispace in mpo france. Hispace france went bankrupt (not mpo) meaning either Memorex stop with minidisc or Tdk make them for memorex. So Maybe Memorex will get New minidisc made by TDK Now that Imation own both. Now, dont count on this but it can happen. I still think TDK will continue with minidisc atleast in Europe and Japan. I was told by TDK japan that they had no plan for New minidisc as of 2007 this seem logical since TDK is being transfered to their new leadership Mainfactory of Imation Asia is in Hong kong, but i believe the Factory of TDK in japan will continue their production but come under leadership of Imation hong kong. If someone from TDK,Memorex or Imation read this My wish For The Future is: 1. Tdk will continue to Make Minidisc and other Tdk products. 2. Imation should make Color minidisc 3. New Memorex Minidisc made by TDK factory in a cool design. Maybe not everyone like this acquisition news or like imation but the fact is atleast that Imation is a big well known brand is not a smale unknown company in taiwan so atleast Tdk has tried do something good. the thing is how will the japanesee like this, Tdk has always been considered a japanesee brand they may feel is getting eaten by american industry.
  13. Sony Cd it II is back in production acording someone i talked with in sony. I talked with Tdk Japan they say NO plan for new MDs in 2007/2008 period Victor Japan promised me that Soon there be new Md (Victor AR 2007 maybe?) But considering the economic struggles victor is going through (is going to be sold to another company in near future) i would not count on Victor releasing anything in 2007 but maybe.... As for Sony nothing new since 2004 (Except for the more limited Basic Md) an upgrade in Bianca would have been nice . Cmex still produce Primemedia and Avox md and has no plan stopping. As for Maxell Japan i dont know but their MD line has already been updated in 2006. so next update should come from either Sony or Victor (jvc japan) Panasonic japan is still selling Md (but thats probaly just left over) I dont know about Aeon shopping stores in japan if they still sell Topvalu Mds. (somebody can find out?) also in late 2006 Cando stores was still selling Sunny Tech md so sunny taiwan may still be producing md. Finaly as for Saehan i think they still will produce md but only Natural wave (if they just could update the design a bit) Daiso is also still in busniess but havent released nothing new for sometimes now anyone know if theres something new from daiso? Ok this was only about japan in europe theres still many that manufacture minidiscs: Bestmedia, Fuji europe , HHB uk, Sony , Tdk and TNB france. but is mostly Sony and Tdk Md that are found in shops.
  14. Yes XLII was discontinued in 2006 but UR tape will still be produced.
  15. I got this confirmation today from Maxell europe Production of Minidisc has ended as of March 2007 They will sell out the Minidiscs they have and then no more. Maxell Minidisc (those with metal shutters) will still be sold in Japan. It reminds to be seen what Tdk europe does they promised to continue with Minidisc But as you probaly already know IMATION is buying TDK from autumn 2007 meaning this decision can depend not only on Tdk but on Imation. (would be cool to see imation MD media ) But is sad to see Maxell Minidisc disapear in Europe. Note: Would be good to have a forum for information on blank media.
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