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Stuge's Beyerdynamics DT770 pro 80ohm

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My beyer's












Initial Impressions :

So At last ,I picked up DT770 pro 80ohm version .Headphones looks smaller than my expectations .

Packing :Well,packing is just ok not very impressive and but packing is not really important for me as long as it sounds good to the ears :).Secondly no case is provided with it .

Built quality :Looks good ,I'm not modding it anything like like that .I will prefer to keep it in the original form :) .

Fit :Well,they are very comfortable ,I was thinking they won't be after using DT 660 ,but they are really nice and provides good isolation to outside noise as well .

Sound Quality :My initial impression is that they are very very bassy and mids are ok .A feature not to be loved by everyone .I have heard few Tiestos songs with it and I was quite impressed ( totally blown away :q ) ,even with onboard sound card lol.Right now ,I have only used them with my pc. I still have to use them with my mini hi fi .

Now ,I have a query to ask how much time should I give for burn in ?

secondly which sound card to go for ?

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