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  1. Any 3rd party for the same is available ?
  2. I wonder if you can find out Service manual of the same, which can help you enter service mode of this model .
  3. Stuge

    NW-A1000 DIM display

    player works fine otherwise .
  4. Stuge

    NW-A1000 DIM display

    I guess the fear of OLED display not lasting your lifetime (here it lasted for about 3-4 years I guess without much use ) has come true ,as far a my case is concern .My A1000 display brightness has become very dim .I have to use my hand to cover screen to see anything even in shade (eg room). This is just an update related to OLED screens .I don't expect it to be fixed without getting it replaced.Spending money on the same doesn't make sense .
  5. Stuge

    Sony nw a3000 walkman

    what do you mean by this ?
  6. I wasn't really Prepared for this shot [i was without a tripod that day] :| .Had to keep the Camera pressed against the wall with the hope of getting one decent shot at higher iso
  7. Glad you liked the pictures Azureal :
  8. Stuge

    Sony vaio F12 grey line

    Welcome to Sonyinsider ! Can you post picture or video of it ?
  9. I visited Gujarat (Rann Festival) recently .Pretty awesome place specially White rann of kutch . These are the few pictures from the trip ,which I'm posting here Watching the Earth Rotate: White rann of Kutch Black and White Version This was shot 7km's from Dhordo Village .Dhordo is about 80km north of Bhuj[major town of Kutch in the state of Gujarat]. I've earlier posted single shot from the 68 shots taken in total .My plan was to shoot 2 hours of star trail,but like I said earlier our bus got stuck in sand so I had to cut short. Given a chance ,I would love to go again t
  10. Last Total Lunar Eclipse http://eclipse.gsfc.nasa.gov/LEplot/LEplot2001/LE2011Dec10T.pdf
  11. Stuge

    A bit odd

    266 pound wow.. I should sell my Dh10P black .
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