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GYM Mp3 Saving Error

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Hello everyone! Nice and useful Forum you have here!

I've resently got Sony NW-A1000.

Of course, possibility to transfer music not only to the player, but back to PC as well is very important, so i decided to try GYM.

I downloaded GYM version 1.2b_beta, followed all the instructions of the wizard. GYM seems to be working, at list i can see all track within the device and can play them, but when i'm trying to save tracks back to PC, something goes wrong. GYM asking me to choose destination folder, but don't give me any possibility to do that, see screenshot


i just can't see any of my computer drives, to choose a place where to save the selected track. And simple Drag And Drop also dont work.

Does anyboy got the same issue? Any ideas wht could it be?

I run under Windows XP SP2 with Microsoft NET. Frameworks 2.0 installed.

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Guest Stuge


Welcome to AtracLife !!

Please Uninstall .netframework 2.0 & install .netframework 1.1

Gym doesn`t work with .netframwork2.0

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It really helped. Thanks a lot.

It's a pity, that such a brilliant and usefull software as GYM had stopped in development.

It could be really amazing alternative to those crappy SONY Sonic Stage and especially Connect Player.

If only GYM could transfer music to device as well...

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