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PS VITA- Will Angry Birds and Cut The Rope be available for it?

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I saw the advertising signage along the sidelines of UEFA Champions League football matches on TV, and I saw the PS VITA online and wondered, will Angry Birds, Cut The Rope, and other classic arcade games like Pac-Man, Missile Command, Donkey Kong and other 1980s/90s classics be available for it?

Also, will this particular system, unlike it predecessor, the PSP, be more-homebrew-friendly? In other words, giving us the capability to create and share our own homebrewed games artwork, and other personal work (I am an underground musician) with the PS VITA Memory Cards that has such massive storage capabilities of up to 32 GB and hopefully 64 GB or even 128GB, this would be so awesome to have an entire entertainment setup in ONE powerful unit, my entire library of MP3's and games and homemade (like off a camcorder) video footage (like most of my shows) in one.

Provided that is the case, the PS VITA can hopefully do it, it will be the eventual iPod touch-killer.

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