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MZ RH1-Recording

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Hi there! I'm a newbie.

So does anyone know how to record on mini disc player MZ RH1 without an external mic? Any helpful info would be much appreciated.

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Welcome! What exactly are you trying to record? If it's any sort of 'live' recording (music performance, voice, nature sounds etc) you almost certainly will need a microphone. The 'plug-in-power' type is the most usual for MD, and a decent one can be picked up quite cheaply (eg. you can try Maplins or similar if you're in the UK).

If it's recording from an external player like a CD, tape, radio etc. you can use a stereo (analogue) cable or optical digital cable if your source has an optical output. You can also transfer audio files from a PC (or Mac) via USB link using Sonicstage software.

But we'll need more information about what you're trying to record first.

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Hay! lucky you RH1 owner!

I daily use my RH910 by recording from my phone / radio either or using good quality 3.5 to 3.5 cable. try getting the shortest 3.5mm cable you can find. i notice the shorter the better sound quality wise.

If your hifi system are posh enough it might even sports a TOSLink Port, then u can use optical cable to record the stuff ( which is awesome in terms of SQ)

I used regular minidisc, and set recording at HiSP it gave me roughly 2 hours. which i rarely use em all. at most 1 hour worth of record.

Dont worry about track splitting, the unit does it for u automatically, and if it doesnt split the songs as u like em, u can always edit them later, directly on your unit with out needing to use a PC.

Later if u find the song u want to keep, just make sure it was split the right way, then delete all the unwanted tracks, after a while u will end up with a disc almost full with your fav tunes, that is when u connect it to the PC, download it to your PC, re arrange them, then burn them back to a disc, label them and put in your shelfs or do what ever you wish with them. then pop a fresh blank to your player, wash, rinse n repeat :) 

Welcome to the MD recording club :) 

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