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  1. Wow, that looks pretty awesome... I might make one myself using laser cut acrylic. I recently make my own acrylic stand for my MD players
  2. i much prefer the character of the 2nd device. the bass is better defined and the sound feels more vast. i think its clearer too.
  3. downloading them, and will give em listening test. will update soon.
  4. i see, perhaps because its used i only pays about 100usd at that time. if it was me, I would never buy speakers or headphone / earphone with out trying it first. review means nothing, even mine. test it out, see it it fits your ear, comfortably that is, looks at a mirror while at it, pick one that doesn't makes u looks like a dork. see if the cable be detangled easily or whatever. there are things beyond the just the sound. after done demoing around and u find one that sounds great to u, and the rest is also damn good. well, that's the one. blast the volume and raise a middle finger to anyone who said that your cans are crap. same with a pair of jeans its indescribable, it means nothing if it fits your bum poorly, or makes u looks like someone u despise, regardless of the bagde and price.
  5. i cant recomend akg 242hd enough. i have one, i bought it 2nd hand, itsva demo unit from a music store. its really good, it got clear mid and a relatively punchy bass, the treble is not harsh as well. also because its an open air headphone, it makes vast sound space, separation is also decent. the construction is very sturdy yet at the same time light and comfortable. the headphone unfortunately is very power hungry, only powerful devices can power it properly. it also leaks sound. definitely best for home usage. my rh910 needs to be at 50% at the least to make good sounds. however my samsung A8 would need almost 80% volume and it does sounds trashy. if u got a decent amp to pair it up, it would sound even better. i paired mine with a china made amp. Nobsound MS10-MK2 & Topping TP30-Mark2. it sounded awesome with both. i also like sony mdr-ex650, its very good, perfect for bass head, treble and mid remains clear n crisps. its my go to for lower powered devices like PMP and my Samsung. still its no contest compared to the akg. regardless i would still recommend getting the akg 242HD, its a good purchase and investment as it will accommodate for upgrades imho
  6. Oh, okok, thanks PilippeC, That clears up the HD Digital Amp somewhat... In regards to the Volume limiter i was referring to the volume hack, the links for 1st gen HiMD hack is no longer available. Regards Kris
  7. Hai... Im wondering is the moniker "HD Digital Amp" means anything? Out of curiousity i read through the minidisc.org and i notice some players got HD Digital Amp some doesnt. Can anyone feel any difference between the 2? Also, does anyone knows how to remove the volume limiter and enable custom EQ on european model MZ-NHF800 series? Thanks Kris
  8. btw, perhaps u can use this remote to gain back the display n its function. Look at this on eBay http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/132199156035 I think its going to work, it got the menu / navi button and the scroll. thanks
  9. how much would the MZ RH1 without display would sell for? Btw, if an MZ-RH1 fails to record but play back normally, do you think its salvageable? Thanks Kris
  10. if u use smart aa/aaa charger like this one http://www.xtar.cc/products_detail/productId=63.html u can safely modify it to fit gumstick batteries. it will charge it up properly
  11. hay, i used this to make my own ghetto nimh charger. in principle its just a cradle to fit the square battery to a cylindrical fitting. works like a charm i use it to charge nh10wm and vapex batteries without issues. based on some articles of the net it says Formula for manual calculation for battery recharging processesAAA – AA – C – D sizes rechargeable batteries:hours ( charging time ) equals to 12 x Ahr = hrs OR 12/1000 x mAh = hrs ( 12/1000 x mAh = hours of charging ) so my 1000mAh nh 10wm will take 0.012x1000:1.65 = 7.272hour to charge at 165mA it seems to work just fine till now.
  12. wow, thank you. that is plentybof reference to read about. cool i will read up on these. it would be new knowledge and should be an interesting experience.
  13. nope, nothing is tax exempt. the ugly part is there are no clear rules on bringing things into the country. its an extortion mine fields. the one i got pass through custom coz its very small cardboard box with used hobby parts costing 10usd label on it. should the sender write 100usd worth of music player, it would surely be impounded, and i would need to pay huge amounts to bail it out. oh yeah, real time recording through optical line out is very very good. atrac hi-sp is sufficient for my needs. i havent find anything worthy to record at pcm yet. thanks for the tip, i will give it a shot. i have odesza album in flac. it would be awesome.
  14. hmm, torrent... never thought about it ever since kick ass tor is no longer with us. pm me some link if u don't mind? unfortunately minidisc are never sold in indonesia. the one who have them here are mostly expatriates or those who studied abroad. to buy decks abroad and bring it back home is a rather risky, not sure if i can pass customs. its scary. btw, how do u transfer flac direct to atrac? ss4.3 wont even read flac. thanks
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