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Ralf den Hartigh

nw-a806 problem transferring mp4 file using explorer

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I try to transfer a mp4 file that i have prepared in Video to Video to my nw-a806 device using windows explorer instead of Image Converter.

In the QuickStart Guide (page 20) of the device there is mentioned how this can be done.

All my attempts result in a 'Format not supported' on the device.


Has anyone succeeded in transferring in a successfull way?



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I tried this on my NW-A805 (is the same as NW-A806) and indeed you can transfer the file with windows explorer.

But the file must have the right format (MPEG-4 QVGA(320x240)) and you must create a map on your device named "VIDEO" to contain the videofiles.

I always use FormatFactory (is free software) to convert the video to the right format if needed.

To test it on my NW-A805 I downloaded a musicvideo from YouTube and converted the downloaded file with FormatFactory to "MP4 320x240 MPEG4" and copied the file with windows explorer to my NW-A805 in the map VIDEO and the video played succesfull.



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