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  1. One of the options is to use Exact Audio Copy (EAC) to rip a CD, choose WMA-lossless and the tagged files can be imported into SonicStage and (or) into another program such as MusicBee or MediaMonkey.
  2. I have tested your new version and it works very well, the only field I now have to type myself, after the import of the CD, is Year Released. Your program is especially useful when importing a CD and want the result files coded as Atrac Advanced Lossless, for other lossless (or lossy) codecs there are several (free) rip programs with direct connection to Discogs or MusicBrainz etc.. For example you can rip to WMA lossless and import the files in SonicStage while keeping the tags. Your instructions how to use the program are very good also.
  3. I tried your program, it is a nice way to input the titles into SonicStage, I use Windows 10 (64 bits) and there were no problems. Some CD's contains CD TEXT and then your program is not needed for that CD. But if you want cover art then you can of course lookup the CD at Discogs to copy the cover art. Thanks for sharing your program, I keep using it. May be you can expand your program in the future to get also the albumname, artist and genre into SonicStage. Jan.
  4. I did'nt know anything about Platinum MD so I did a Google search read about the project and installed the tool. I like it very much, nice GUI and Google Chrome is not needed, I am happy with this app. Thank you for naming this app.
  5. I use this tool with my MZ-NH600, Windows 10 (64 bits), Chrome webbrowser to transfer my .flac files as sp files to my md-minidiscs. All my minidiscs are reformatted to hi-md, the problem was that after I put the NH600's discmode to md he format the disc still to hi-md, my work around is to connect the NH600 to my PC and format the disc with windows and then disconnect the NH600, then the NH600 shows an error and asks if I want to format the disc, the answer is yes and then he formats the disc as a md-disc and not a hi-md disc. Then I can connect the NH600 to the tool and the tool works very nice. During the whole procedure I kept the NH600 connected to the wall-charger.
  6. I don't know why you thought it was working again, you can see the logo of gracenote but that logo comes from within the dll that sonicstage uses to connect with gracenote and it's a pity but there is no data coming from gracenote to sonicstage.
  7. I get for a number of weeks the same screen with Error EX145, but after sign in I get a normal view. Maybe a bug in Mozilla FireFox??
  8. SonicStage support WAV, MP3, WMA, AAC and ATRAC Best choice is to convert FLAC to WMA lossless and import the WMA files into SonicStage, this keeps the tags.
  9. As far as I know the only Sony portable units with a backlit screen are the MZ-1 and the MZ-S1.
  10. freac (free audio converter, recent version is v 1.0.27) open source software can do this also but without restrictions, see www.freac.org.
  11. Are you sure there was no (old) database on your system? Do a search on your harddisc (mostly C:) and search for MtData.mdb, there is also a MtType.mdb but that is no problem. There are more than one MtData.mdb's on your system because SS makes a copy in another map, SS use that copy to restore the database if the one in use is corrupted. Delete all the MtData.mdb's and reinstall SS. Keep in mind that if you delete the tracks in SS not all data in the database is deleted, a lot of data is still kept in the database, you don't see that in SS. If you have Microsoft Access than you can see that, with Microsoft Access you see three tables in MtData.mdb and you can delete all the rows in these three tables. Don't touch the MtType.mdb database. You can then retry SS. But if you don't have Microsoft Access then delete all the MtData.mdb's and reinstall SS. The MtData.mdb who is actual in use by SS is C:\ProgramData\Sony Corporation\SonicStage\Packages\MtData.mdb (in my case this is the full path name). There are also one or more copies with one or more $ in front of the name, SS makes everytime after changes in the database a new copy and the old one gets a $ in front of the name, delete also these copies. But elsewhere in a submap with the name DBRestore there is also a copy of this database, delete also this one.
  12. I just tested the backup tool. I made a backup with only one album in my library to reduce the runtime. After made the backup I started the SonicStage Backup Tool and choose restore. During 15 minutes I saw the message "Authenticating through the Internet...". And then I got the message "Authentication of your database was succesful a connection to the internet is no longer required". After pushing start the restore continued. So the Sony server still works. I use Windows 10 32 bits. I have no idea why it don't work for you.
  13. Not enough user rights to write files in the original folder, but I didn't expect that the location where purchased (the good old time) tracks are saved is used for transfering tracks from MD back to the musiclibrary and not the folder where tracks imported from CD's are saved.
  14. I did some tests, I don't have a RH1 (anymore) but I used a MZ-NH700. I got at first the same results as culp4684. But after some tests I succeeded in copying tracks from Hi-md to the musiclibrary. I did the following: In SS click on Tools->Options>Location to save imported files. The second part of the screen (location to save purchased ......) click on browse to choose a folder of your own choice, I choosed the same folder as the location to save tracks imported from CD's or converted files, in My case a folder I called D:\CDOMA) SS will ask you if SS must move the files from the old location to the new location. I saw no files but I choosed Yes and it seemed SS moved a lot of files and after the move I didn't see any file in the new folder. But after that I could transfer files (Atrac 3 plus 192) to the music library and I could find the files in the new folder D:\CDOMA. Don't ask me the reason why this happened.
  15. You can use the free app "Mp3tag", import a folder and select all the tracks and give them the same artistname and/or albumname and then import them in Sonic Stage. But as Stephen wrote you can do the same in SonicStage.
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