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MiniDisc JE520 playback problem

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Player will play studio release discs but won't play older home recorded disc. I tested the older discs on a portable player and it plays. Just not on my home playerplayer(Je520) only silence but it shows title and timer. Ever heard of such a problem? 


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This is actually a very common problem ...

The JE520 is SP only, record and playback.  The "home recorded" disc is most likely recorded on some newer device and contains MDLP content.

In later units Sony added the ability to record longer on a disc of the same size at a lower quality.

You will most likely be able to access the recordings on the disc using an MD player capable of decoding MDLP.

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Neither of those two machines will be able to play MDLP content. 


You can at least confirm that the discs are LP2/4 by checking the display on the portable player they work in - which model is it?

You should be able to see a little LP2 or LP4 icon somewhere on the unit or remote. Or press the display button to cycle through the main display until it gets to the recording type. 

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