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  1. What's your budget? Do you need anything more than just the unit?
  2. Blanks for collection? Or recording? Both? How many silver EH50s do you have?! 😉
  3. Just tried reposting a pic in here which I put in another thread earlier today. Same error message.
  4. Speak for yourself, rookie! 😉 😉
  5. Of the 6 in the pics, 4 are on the recording/reading side. I would assume they would have problems. The other two you can see are 'visible' from that side, but they are still smooth to the touch, so I dunno. I have seen pictures with stickers attached to the actual discs, then placed back in the case - I assume they still played as normal, so I guess it's possible. Takes a bit of effort to remove and replace discs without damaging the case though. Also, for some reason, the surfaces and materials I've been engraving seem to curve a bit as a result 😢 especially cases I have cracked open. As to why I have so many ... I used to get bulk lots of discs from Japan auctions, in search of designs I like. Sometimes, those discs have been through Gojira rampages, I reckon. Or the stickers are messy to remove etc etc
  6. On a less serious note ... I got myself a portable laser engraver earlier in the year, for funsies https://www.laserpecker.net/?gclid=Cj0KCQjw1ouKBhC5ARIsAHXNMI9kKZG5I2NiL0EopbPmgtg5eaFc2VsUSK_68WV3mPhpH9tz9pDq1u0aAt7NEALw_wcB Amongst other things I've used it for, I've recently been burning MD related designs onto the discs themselves. It won't do the surface normally because they are reflective, so I coat it first with various colored makers or paint pens, then wipe them clean. Sometimes the colors remain embedded into the engraving. I will post more things over time - maybe make a separate thread at some point.
  7. A portable laser engraver, some different colors of markers, and a few dead discs ... Same power settings, but one surface "burns through" to the other side, but not the other.
  8. Nice! Would you mind posting a pic of a standard disc/case for scale? You have some friggin awesome promo stuff!!
  9. So you're saying you kind of don't want it?? 😉 😉 😉
  10. This is one I prepared earlier 😉 As you can see, the discs in the "frame" can be rearranged, replaced or just plain removed.
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