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I just got an M200 from Azureal, fast shipping, great price and easy to talk to (and we even share the same birthday lol) .

The M200 was new as he said and I'm using it right now as my main recorder (I play guitar, so when inspiration strikes, I could use a recorder).

I just started testing it, discovering it and I've found out a couple of things you might find interesting or useful.

Thanks again John (Azureal). I'll be contacting you for another purchase :D


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On 6/25/2016 at 10:21 AM, PhilippeC said:

Glad for you and azureal. The battery is also new ? 

Yes! There was not a single ding or uneven area on the connectors. So yeah, new. Problem is now I don't know what I need. My EH70 is skipping (gonna try a lens cleaner) and I've decided to go Hi-MD all the way (so my E730 has to go). And I think I'm one of the few people who can tell the difference between HD Digital AMP and the others... (so no RH10 for me)

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Save your money, just format the classics MD to Hi-MD. I have 3 Hi-MD units but I have choose a full compatibility between all my units (SP, MDLP, Net-MD, Hi-MD) and I am fixed to SP for my recordings except for my dozen Hi-MD discs. 

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