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Wally Taylor

Record From Portable CD To MZ-N707

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I want to record directly from my portable CD Player to my MZ-N707. I know that I need a 1/8" to RCA Analog Red/White Cord, An Analog to digital converter, and an optical cord running to the line in on my MZ-N707.  Zen at I don't know I'd exactly what cable I need to go from the digital or optical side of the convertor. 

I don't know what a Toslink I'd, of if that's what I even need. The kind in looks like a 3.5mm round input, but is that optical of a mini plug. Do they make an optical cord that's square on one end and 1/8" round (3.5mm) on the line in end? I just need to know what cord goes from the digital side of the convertor to the input on my MZ-N707.   Thank ZYou for helping me.

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