Sony & Sharp Players & recorders for sale

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I've decided to sell some of my collection. All are in working condition, with nothing broken unless otherwise noted.

I purchased them all used, and did whatever I could to clean and refurbish them. 

For Sale:

  • Sony MZ-E55 - $50 - Blue - includes battery charger, battery, sidecar battery, remote with display, and carry case. Paint is rough.
  • Sony MZ-E55 - $50 - Silver - includes battery charger, battery sidecar, and remote with display
  • Sony MZ-E44 - $40 - Includes sidecar battery and remote cable. Paint is rough but it still has the pearl effect.
  • Sony MZ-E90 - $60 - includes headphones, battery, battery charger, carry case and remote cable. Paint is rough in some spots.
  • Sony MZ-R90 - $50 - includes headphones, remote cable, sidecar battery, and charger. Battery door doesn't stay shut on its own.
  • Sharp MD-MS722 - $40 - player & recorder, includes carry case, battery, car charger, remote cable with display, and sidecar battery (cover is broken). This one is especially useful because it can erase MDLP discs.

Pics here:

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Nice pictures. Tell everybody where do you live ggabriele3. Thanks

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