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I bought this unit from someone local on Craigslist a few years back. I barely used it and it has been sitting around collecting dust so I figured maybe someone could give it a new home and use it more than I did. It comes with everything I got with it. Look at the picture. It has a car kit (hence the CK after the model number). It also has FM through the remote. The only thing I have added is a different gumstick battery since the old Sony one didn't last too long (although I'm not sure how long this will last either) and a AA battery sidecar. This unit will run off of just the AA sidecar so you wouldn't even need the gumstick battery but it makes the unit a little bit bigger. Overall the unit is in very good condition except there are 3 small cracks on the unit. There is one across the bottom. It does not affect the way the AA sidecar attaches. There is a second by the battery door (there is a small scuff near the crack also). And a starting of a third crack by the headphone jack. I tried to get some good pictures of these discrepancies. I am actually listening to an MD on it as I type this out. I just hooked it up to my computer (Windows 7 Sonic Stage) to edit the track listing on my MD too and it worked just fine. None of these issues affect how this unit plays. All of the affected areas are circled in red. I'm looking to get $150 or best offer for everything and free shipping in the USA. I will accept PayPal for payment. Message me with any questions.

MZ-NF810CK.JPGMZ-NF810CK (1).jpg

MZ-NF810CK (2).jpg

MZ-NF810CK (3).jpg

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