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Seeking for good ones at xCode

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Hi, i`m not good at coding, so maybe here are some great guys who are fluent in coding. My idea is to port or disassemble some Sony Software and remake it in new style for OS X 

I got somewhere source code for xCode for NetMD. - that i think is not so hard to complite it with little bit of adjustments - Design, etc...  There is SourceCode for NetMD: http://www.sorted.org/Xmd/#Download

I started with design and made a simple NetMD logo for application and folder looks.  Also  "Digital Link Manager For Lissa" - this i think is harder. Need disassembly and complete rewrite in xCode. 

Maybe we can handle it? :-) 

 NetMD_Appicon.thumb.png.bbf3f981bff107a0db3dc8c6132090f1.png   NetMD_Stack.thumb.png.5577df1e4e7b154bec478c8b0a24dada.png  NetMD_Folder.thumb.png.812987f781134fb5eaf543d35f94b93b.png   MiniDisc_NetMD.thumb.png.17e5a7c317246e34436cc3b8f4f5d979.png

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Little update. 

i started with Digital Link Manager for OS X - it is hard for me. :-D as i'm better as designer and not so fluent at coding... Still looking at someone to work with on this little project. :-) 

Starting with Units design which i'm done and building Application UI. Actual Lissa units are made in illustrator. Trying to put as many details as possible to make a nice app in final. hopefully... 


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