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MiniDisc Deck Intermittent Eject Problem - leaving discs in while off is bad?

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So, I have a MDS-JE770 deck. It was the one I referenced in an another post where I described it having a dodgy drive belt and eject problem. I replaced the belt from one from eBay and all was well.

Recently though, after it had been out of use for a month but with a disc in, I noticed that it would not eject. It just sort of seemed stuck, I did not seem to hear any rubbing/spinning sound at all.

On opening it, I gave the white plastic piece pictured in image a nudge and that made the disc eject.

I just wondered if you guys had seen this before. Is it a symptom of another issue or was it simply because we should not really leave discs in a deck long term?



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Do you have a video of the belt replacement? 

Only found one on YouTube which promised but didn't show it

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