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MDS-JA3ES erratic loading and ejecting MDs

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I own a MD 3ES in mint condition, but loading and ejecting has become an issue. I have already replaced the belt (although a little thinner than the original belt).
The 3 sometimes won't fully load a disc, or after correctly loading and playing a disc, it has problems ejecting the MD: the display starts flashing EJECTING but it can take up to a minute before the player actually ejects the disc.

Any ideas on what to do or how to fix this issue?

Any info is greatly appreciated!

Kind regards


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On 5/29/2020 at 7:49 AM, eric104 said:

it can take up to a minute before the player actually ejects the disc.

Eric, may I ask a few questions:

- is it the same after playback or recording? (After recording, TOC writing might take some time, is that then longer than usual?)

- do you hear any unusual noise, that you did not before? (Squeeking, rattling, etc.)

- can you open the deck and observe, what exactly the drive does when ejecting the disc? (I.e., how quick it pulls the sled back to parking position after pressing "eject", then what happens.)

- can you access to the gears, spindles, etc. of the drive, to check the consistency of the grease on them? (And see if there is any dust, hair etc. particles stuck into the grease.)

- can you try to manually perform the eject (gently spinning the belt's large pully by a finger), and do you feel then any uneven or excess resistance during the eject process? (Deck should be powered down for this "manoeuvre".)

A few things to begin with, then we will see.

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