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  1. Thanks Kevin, for the invaluable input, I am sure it will be very educational for a lot of people. (And I see nothing wrong whith educated people seeking for technical perfection.) Maybe not for me, though. You could already realize, I am trying to use a "simplified" language when it comes to technical terms and explanations, for the sole reason I want it be readable for those too, who are not necessarly graduated EE-s, but still interested. I am sorry, if, for this reason (and maybe with my above work too) I look like somebody who is totally an outsider and does not know, what he was doi
  2. Such an old thread ... nevertheless, I think some people will find this piece of information interesting: the ATRAC version in the MXD-D3 is not 4.5 but actually it is Type-R. I was just about to sell my MXD-D3 the other day, then when I opened it for a last maintenance, out of sheer curiousity I pulled the drive off and turned it over. This is what I saw, to my greatest surprise: Needless to say, the D3 stayed ...
  3. Here is the thing then: the 640 does work now with PC-Link and M-Crew. (See my uncut, lame video at the end - "Welcome to Paradise" :-) .) Yes, it is done, and I feel this is a breakthrough, after all those unsuccessful tries in the past, including my previous attempts back in 2017 or so. The icing on the cake is the 640 has kept all its keyboard functionalities too ! I guess what you are mostly interested in is how this was made possible, and what's needed to replicate it on your machines - the shiny, polished, step-by-step guide and documentation I originally wanted to post here can w
  4. OK ... thanks to the "persuasion" by @kgallen , I dropped all my present tasks and spent last night and today on completing my journey. A PA will follow shortly ... stay tuned. Allow me a short break and a few hours to sleep, then I get back to you. @sfbp, don't close your 640 just yet ;-) !
  5. Yeah ... it is "Q34" in the 770. Funny, because both in the 640 and the 940 (and in some others) it is "Q5".
  6. Exactly. See Q5 - this is there also to shut down the keyboard comms if and when a CAV device wants to talk to the MCU. Part of my hypotesis was that PC-Link has to have priority against the keyboard. And having Q5 there tells me - cross our fingers - the FW will "know" it once the connections part is sorted out. It certainly depends on the version of the MCU. The 640 and the family members do have separated, dedicated ports on the MCU for the I2C and the keyboard signal lines.
  7. Exactly - I admit it is just a question of different style (me feeling uncomfortable put into writing that I could not yet finalize or could not prove beforehand). No, it is very simple, no secrets: my theory is that both from HW and FW persective everything should be already there on all three versions (1 - PC-link only, 2 - kbd only, 3 - PC-Link and kbd). However, there are differences amongst the revisions of the same board, that need to be looked after in each and every case. To give you and example - just exchanged PMs with @sfbp on this: his keyboard pcb is different from mine,
  8. @kgallen, I never meant you'd stop doing your stuff as you do it very well [respect]. All I was trying to hint (from the beginning) was that there is a certain amount of work that had already been covered in the background (that could have - besides my vanity of course ;-) - saved your time), and waits only for the actual implementation. @sfbp's photos assured me I am on the right track - but of course I can still fail with it. For this, surely, if you enjoy the 'discovery', please keep going on :-) ! I will also keep my eye on this thread, and if you find something I obviously overlooked
  9. I trust you mean by "mini-DIN" the standard PS2 plug, dont' you? I never saw the PC-Link mentioned as to be used via the Contorl A1 jacks/lines. I think it is possible - to a certian extent, as the command set of the - sort of standardized - Control A1 seems limited compared to the - sort of Sony proprietary - PC-Link bus command set. EDIT: I wanted to add this note, although it might be obvious: I think the ambiguity around "PC-Link" is coming from the fact, that the deck is connected to the PC-Link device on two lines. One for the (either digital or analogue) audio tran
  10. Looks like we are doing a "rat race" here ;-) . Even I had not posted all my steps and findings here, I feel being somewhat ahead (as been all there already, I even see now where Stephen's solution went wrong), and if you were given me some time to consolidate my knowledge and finally put into practice, we could probably lift all the clouds here at once. Yes, out of sheer vanity :-) I wanted to come up first with the ultimate solution, in a completed, polished format. But as it is just a pointless luxury that both of us are wasting precious time to discover basically the same thing :
  11. I admire the enourmous amount of information on minidisc.org, but learned over the years that I have to take those "facts" with a grain of salt. The quote above is a bit ambiguous. Using the PC-Link, the audio signal can be transferred either via TOSLINK digital or analogue RCA. Controlling the device from a PC normally happens via the PS2 port (and the PC-Link device), but, the Control A1 has very similar commands/functionalities to that, and - in theory, I have not yet seen this documented - it can be used for the same purpose, as the PC-Link.
  12. Good point, actually. Normally, if both functions are supported on a given (very seldom) model, then those are sharing the same PS2 port. The 470 does have a PS2 port, but on the rear panel (and w/o the keyboard functionality implemented).
  13. Behind the "Iron Curtain" ... Literally, but it is then sheer politics from this point, that I'd prefer to avoid on these pages. More seriously, there are two factors that would prohibit exporting such stuff to the UK for example: 1) insane shipping costs (accompanied with endless bureaucracy) of our "Royal" Post, and 2) recent impact of Brexit on import duties/taxes at the other side of the Channel. Sadly all those possible price advantages would be gone by when a box gets shipped.
  14. Yeah, see my addition above. So much I hate these messenger/twitter/whatsoever style posting - you cannot really think your words over, or you missed the train ... I go and take a brake break instead ... :-)
  15. No, certainly are not, however, the I2C spec. does allow a certain length of cable, at given cable capacitance and shielding, and at a max. data rate - I am still trying to find the exact quote I noted previously, but until then: "the maximum bus length of an I2C link is about 1 meter at 100 Kbaud, or 10 meters at 10 Kbaud". So my point is (and I did drop the ball here already), that in order to get this PC-Link thing working on an otherwise not-supported deck does not depend on having this buffer or not (just keep the cable "short", and the PCLK's PS2 cable is indeed very short, I believ
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