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VPCL21S1E Wireless Mouse Issue

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Hi all,

I'm currently using my Sony Vaio VPCL21S1E. The computer came with a wireless mouse and keyboard which I paired ~10 years ago when I bought the machine. The model of the mouse is VGP-WMS30.

Recently, the mouse will regularly get 'stuck' and 'lag' which is, above all, really frustrating, but also then leads to clicking things in error.

I have been through the usual suspects to fix this: replaced the battery with a fully charged one, turned off and on, updated drivers, troubleshooted, made sure drivers are not turned off to save power etc. etc.

What I'm really puzzled at is that if I disable Bluetooth, the mouse still works. I have no idea how it's paired/connected, because there's no wire and there's also no USB 'dongle' that came with it.

Also the mouse nor keyboard are listed anywhere in the computer devices, so I can't even unpair them and try again.

I've also tried to establish whether there's an issue with my Bluetooth.

I'm all out of ideas and it's really bothering me. Can anyone suggest anything at all?

Many thanks


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17 hours ago, chickenrun said:

Recently, the mouse will regularly get 'stuck' and 'lag'

I have experienced a similar situation a while ago. It was a regular USB mouse, and the PC was not a VAIO, but the exact same thing happened. I tried several times to disable/uninstall/reinstall the mouse driver - but it did not help. Finally I concluded, that one of the applications (or, the OS itself) might have had some interference in the system settings. As I had no time to debug each and every software on the machine, I simply made a system restore from an earlier back up I knew had been working all good, then the error disappeared.

I am not saying here this is "the" solution, but in my case it worked well.


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