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NWHD5, GYM beta...and lost info

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so i tried to use gym for the first time and after i first generated the keys, my comp crashed...but when i restarted, i find that the OMGAUDIO backup file lost all the dat files that is normally there...and when i rename it to omgaudio, the nwhd5 sees no songs....what happened? is there anyway to save my music?

also, now that i have generated the keys...where is it actually in, my harddrive or my player? if it's in my player, is there a way to remove it? is there also a way to remove it from my harddrive if i want to?


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I am kind of confused at how this whole process goes with having to use the mp3 file mangager program and GYM.

and I dont want to fuck my device up.

I have a few questions.

1 which program do I install onto the device GYM or mp3filemanager

2 once I have installed it is my device unrecoverable (eg will I never be able to remove the installed program and play atrac again ?

I saw on the homepage picture for GYM that once installed on the device GYM is displayed on the top line in the options menu

I want to know if there is anyway to remove the GYM that would appear there or is it possible to rename it to something else

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