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  1. SONY NW-HD5 Hi there. I have an HD5 model and am needing answers to a few questions before I attemt to haxor it with these programs 1) are these programs really as simple to use as they claim to be ? 2) If once I have installed MP3FM on my HD5 can i simply and eaisly hook it up to a friends computer who has neither GYM, sonic stage or MP3fm installed and upload / dowload music freely and eaisly ? 3) will installing MP3fm on my device buggar it up at all and is it completely (AND EAISLY.. as in a simple uninstall button) reversable ? I like the idea of these programs, and I really would like to remove teh restriction of the sony products but If i cant find out an answer to my questions Ill just be using sonic stage ( atleast I know it works and I dont have to risk fucking my device up testing it out to see if it will) Faust
  2. I am kind of confused at how this whole process goes with having to use the mp3 file mangager program and GYM. and I dont want to fuck my device up. I have a few questions. 1 which program do I install onto the device GYM or mp3filemanager 2 once I have installed it is my device unrecoverable (eg will I never be able to remove the installed program and play atrac again ? I saw on the homepage picture for GYM that once installed on the device GYM is displayed on the top line in the options menu I want to know if there is anyway to remove the GYM that would appear there or is it possible to rename it to something else
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