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Database corruption on NW-HD5

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first of all thank you for this great component! Now there's no need to use that ugly SS in order to transfer music to my device.

I found a weird database corruption in ml_sony. After I filled my player with music (with a few MB of free space left), I did some deletion and uploading of songs: applied a few songs for deletion and before clicking the 'Apply' button I sent some new mp3's. As I understand, those new songs are uploaded in place of the deleted ones.

Now when i want to play some particular track from those newly uploaded tracks (that I overwrote on the deleted ones), I get a totally different track (one of the previously uploaded tracks). I guess none of the tracks are gone, it's just the player now works as a shuffle. The weird thing is that the player reads the metadata correctly.

At least, I would like to save the tracks to the computer and upload all of them once again. But GYM reads tags only from the database, so the saved tracks are with wrong tags. Is it possible to recover all the music somehow without formatting the device? Or even reload the whole database from tags in files (which the player reads somehow correctly).

BTW, Winamp version is 5.35 (and everything works perfectly unless I fill the whole player and do some overwriting).

Thank you!

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Yes it's an old bug in ml_sony,

I have fixed it in the new library,

and I created a small program to recover corrupted database but it is still in early development,

here is what you can try :

read this : libtesterv2

try the program, if it works, (writting sony database must not fail)

you should get all the files needed in the "log directory".

!!MAKE a backup first!!

in your OMGAUDIO directory copy all the files (not directories) and save them in a safe place

now copy all the files in the "log directory" to the OMGAUDIO directory.

unplug your drive and check if it works...

(it may freeze after start, it is normal it will take sometime to read all your db, just let it work)

let me know how it goes!


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I tried that program. Now the problem is that it fills this log folder with files where one of them consumes the whole free space on my computer's hard disk - much much more than 20GB...

Thank you for your efforts, anyway!

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Ok thank you for the report there is an anoying bug in libtester,

I will try to solve it for the next release :)

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