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  1. Hello everybody, having the same problem, I wonder if there is a newer version of libtester. Thanks in advance moscho999
  2. moscho999

    NW-HD3 Battery

    I can confirm that the HD1 battery works as well perfectly in my HD3 - and it is worth the effort: no more re-charging after 3 hrs. The dissmantling is pretty easy if you stick to the service manual. Cheers
  3. moscho999

    Bug report

    Hello, unfortunately I have the same database error. When starting with a fresh and clean device (except the data necessary), the first transfer works out great. when I am doing another transfer suddenly the database cannot be found. The music, however, is on the device and playable. I start getting really crazy - what am I doing wrong or what is the fix? Cheers Moscho999
  4. Hello everybody, as the very long thread is mixing up a lot of questions, I try it with a new one: Unfortunately I am not able to make this wonderful plug-in work. First I tried to copy my music with mp3fm on my player - the files were copied and could be played, but no database was found, that means I could only see my music in the GROUPS tab, artist and so on was empty. Then I deleted mp3fm and extracted the GYM folder on my device. Now the database I ok, but I am not able to play the music. It says DATA Error (in german, so I don`t know the warning in English). I really don`t know what I am doing wrong and how to continue. Any help is appreciated. Thank you very much!
  5. Thanks for the quick reply. As far as I remember I did everything GYM asked me to do. Is there a way to find out if everything is OK on my HD? Moscho999
  6. Hello everybody, I think one single thread for all questions concerning GYM is not the best solution as it is hard to find answers to specific questions. First of all thanks to all software developers and helping souls regarding GYM!!!!! Unfortunately I have a problem with GYM - I have MP3s and ATRAC files on my NW-HD3, after installing GYM and creating the keys I am no longer able to play many of my ATRACs. Am I right that after having the keys on the HD, it is no longer possible to use ATRACS??? If this question was asked before - sorry, I just could not find it. Happy new year to all of you....
  7. I am talking about the final part. All files are moved to the player and than it says that keys are generated - the program never finishes this final part. Now I have an idea - I have mp3 and atrac data on my player, can this be the reason? Keep on the good work. Thanks Moscho999
  8. Hello XISPE, do you have any idea what to do with my key generation problem? Ubrigado
  9. Hello, I own a NW-HD3 and unfortunately the GYM does not work with my device. When using the keymaker everything works fine until the key generation. In the middle of the key generation the program stops, that means there is no more progress (I have waited for 2 hours). When I manually abort the progress and rename my folders in order to be able to play the music and thereafter run GYM and try to open a song, hundreds of little windows open to tell me that I have to run the keymaker. Tried 4 times - always the same result. Anybody has hints on how to proceed?? Thanks moscho999
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