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  1. Going going gone, I agree with Sony_Fan. Sold for a ton. Wow. Now to see if there are any takers for my desktops listed previously. I have better luck talking to Minidisc access to find buyers.
  2. I will be listing this on Ebay this weekend sometime. Before I do if anyone is interested, make me a reasonable offer, US only. Accessories include. I have pictures, but they will not upload to this site. David (dnickell@visa.com) Sennheiser M-X 4 headset (new) Sony AC-S508U AC Adaptor RM-MC38EL remote control with LCD and backlight (new) 3 Carrying pouches Sony Microphone ECM 717 4 Sony 1GB HI-MD 6 Sony 74 minute MD 4 Sony LIP 4WM Lithium batteries Software on CD-ROM
  3. I have both of these units and they are both mint, but have acquired another Sony and am wondering if there is any US and / or California interest in these. Fully functional and operational. One set has speakers one doesn't, manuals, remotes. Pictures and specs can be found on the MD Community site. I have stock photos, but If necessary I can take pics.
  4. I am interested in your mindiscs shipped to Soquel, Ca 95073, cost shipped? thx
  5. Thx for the quick replies, the issue is now been solved, don't ask don't tell, user error!
  6. The battery out overnight did not solve it, thx
  7. I have a MZ-RH1 that will run when used with the charger, but not with the battery alone. A new battery was purchased from China, but that did not work. It works perfectly, record and playback, when hooked up to the charger, and both batteries show > 3.7 V on my VOM, so they should be charged, but I can't get it to work on just battery power alone. Could be I'm doing something stupid, but I can't figure out what.
  8. Even though they are in the USA, HIPCE makes these great storage boxes http://www.hipce.com/others.html and minidisc access sells them also, http://www.minidiscaccess.com/otostformi.html. shipping may be prohibitove but these are very nice and are spring loaded.
  9. Purchased a N920 and a very nice unit. It did not come with remote, dry battery case or manual. I tried the dry case from my MZR55 and it does not fit. I was looking for the part number or replacement case and remote for this unit, any help is appreciated, thx.
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