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  1. Thanks for the recommendations giki. However, despite having bought Sony earphones all my life, I won't be buying Sony models again. Great quality, yes, but they are not built to last. I decided to go with a pair of Shure earphones this time.
  2. My budget is £200 (approx $400). The only caveat is I don't get on with the fontopia-style ones that go further into the ear.
  3. Thanks for the info. I think I remember this being discussed on the old forums, so presumably all those old posts are lost since the update... Does anyone have any further advice? I won't be buying Sony headphones (not durable enough) if that helps narrow it down a bit. I'll be needing in-ear ones too.
  4. I remember reading on this forum a while ago that hiss could be heard during silence when using certain types of headphones with the NW-HD3. I'm assuming that it is headphones of a certain rating that cause this hiss. Does anyone remember what this rating is so I can avoid it? I need to replace my old in-ear headphones and would like to avoid this issue. Thanks in advance for any help.
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