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  1. Question simply being, where in the UK can i buy a spare battery for my MZ-RH1? The only place i've seen is on ebay from China which i'm very sceptical about!
  2. Bjork; Homogenic Joy Division; Closer New Order; Power, Corruption & Lies Led Zeppelin; Houses of the Holy
  3. When i bought my N710 it didn't come with a charger, i cant find one on ebay so was thinking of trying elsewhere.(i.e. a general electric supplies store) Where can i find out the specs of the charger? eg is it AC to DC, 800mA, 1.2V etc?
  4. you know i'd forgotten i have some until i read this post! When i bought my first unit (Aiwa) back in 98 part of the promotion was five free MD albums. The one's i chose were;; Blondie, Jean Michelle-Jarre, Apollo four forty, The Byrds, Kate Bush. (the library to choose from wasn't great!) I think one or two had orange juice spilt on them, so i dont know if they'll be any use! I'll dig them out this weekend and confirm. Regards i remember now when the unit broke it had the Byrds album in it which was never returned! I didn't complain because they replaced the unit (when they discovered it was 'lost') with a Panasonic SJ-MR220, which at the time was the best player available.
  5. Thanks for the fast replies! The OE headphones really are worse than awful! what does everyone use instead?
  6. My new MZ-RH1 just arrived, and i'm setting the thing up, but what the h*ll is all this 'ferrite core' nonsense? "this recorder comes with ferrite cores for connection to the supplied remote. (you must attach the ferrite cores to comply with the applicable EMC standards)" are these necessary? i've never heard of ferrite cores before? ...and what are 'EMC' standards???
  7. if the missus finds out! I've just ordered an MZ-RH1 from Amazon. I cant really justify spending £210.00 on a MD player but it just looks (and of course plays/records according to the reviews) so damn good! It looks like 'smart price' beans for the kids for the next month! Anyone know a cure for guilt?
  8. Thanks all I'll try and have another play with it tonight.
  9. Hi All Recently bought a MZ-N710 off ebay after my panasonic died. Loaded the software (version 1.5) that came with it, and found it very user friendly. Last night i thought itd be a good idea to download the latest version i could find, 4.3 and am completely baffled! i cant find out how to import files from my pc so i can then transfer them to minidisc, and am completely confused by it all! Is there an instruction manual i can download anywhere? or i'm thinking uninstall it and go back to 1.5. any ysuggestions? Thanks
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