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    Fickle Discs

    Dear All, Thanks very much for your responses. Upon reading the posts I realized there was one detail I should have added: when not in use I usually keep the recorder inside a small Otterbox box, with some padding wrapped around it as well. I'll look out for a neoprene sleeve and some non alkaline batteries the next time I"m somewhere where they available, and I'll get a male male line in cord as well. I already have audacity, so that sounds like it would be a good fix. I'll also try re-importing the same files with wav disabled. again, thank you very much! regards, Kedara
  2. kedara

    Fickle Discs

    I'm a researcher up in the Indian Himalayas and using my MD MZ NH700 for recording interviews and folksongs. Lately I've had the troubling experience of not being able to transfer several recorded tracks onto my computer. If it were consistent trouble that would be one thing, but its not. Here are the facts 1) tracks to either side of the problem tracks transferred fine 2) this has happened on two different discs 3) in 2 out of 4 cases the track was able to play through the computer but not transfer 4) I currently have sonic stage configured to automatically convert to wave 5) the tracks play fine in the player itself. 6) The microphone i was using stop working but since I have replaced the microphone there haven't been any problems. 7) I am working in approx 32f - 50f temps at 12000 ft. I'm planning to get them into the computer by hooking the player up to some speakers and then doing direct re-recording but I'd also like to know whether there's a better way and also if there's anything i can do to prevent this from happening again. I'd be grateful for any suggestions or advice. Thanks!
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