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  1. My mic is an ECM-909. I bought it way back in the 80s with a Sony Pro Walkman cassette recorder. I think it was pretty good mike, at least for the time I can live without connecting to my Mac for the time being, while I shop for the ultimate MZM*** And there's good reason to have a spare device. It just needs to be able to record in excellent quality and be very easy and convenient to edit the minidiscs using the unit. And be compatible with my mic
  2. Thanks so much, guys! Wizard, A440, GreenMachine all offered extremely useful info. The Sony guys were mistaken about several things, but at least when I asked about forums they told me about this one!! I don't know an ATRAC or WAV from my elbow, but I most definitely need to avoid Dynamic Compression. (It's not just the pianissimi ... you should hear what happens to my high B-flats). If I understand GreenMachine correctly, though, I can avoid that on virutally any Sony Minidisc model, even if it is not hi-MD Ideally, I would love to have one of the three models Wizard listed, so I could have ultimate sound quality and be able to upload to my Mac. But it may take awhile to find one at a price I can afford. Ditto with flash players.... In the meantime, perhaps I can find a regular MD player that will meet my most essential needs (which are listed in my previous post). What if I could get a good price on an MZR-700? I may already own a mic compatible with that model. Any comments? P.S. Someone told me it was possible to play a minidisc on a regular CD player. Is that true?
  3. A Sony tech told me that only MZR models are compatible wih MacIntosh computers. But an apparent exception is the MZM200, which I'm told is the same as the MZ-RH1 except it includes a mike. I too am very bewildered as I attempt to shop for a minidisc recorder. I am a professional, classical musician and the main reason I want the device is to record rehearsals and practice sessions, then play them back to see how they sounded. I want a device that's very convenient to use, both for instant playback and for storage. My computer is a Mac. My shopping criteria are as follows: 1) I'd like to stick with Sony, if only for simplicity's sake 2) Since this is classical music, it must be uncompressed. My understanding is that if it records WAV or PCM files, I will have no issues with compression. 3) Very essential that it be easy to find my way to a particular spot on the recording, and to edit. My understanding is that most devices that match criteria 1 and 2 above will also meet this criterion, and will enable me to edit the minidisc using the device alone. 4) Desirable Option: Since I own a Mac, it would be nice if the device were Mac-compatible. However, taking things OFF the computer is not of much concern... 5) Desirable Option: I'm primarily interested in working with recordings I make myself, so it would be nice if I could transfer these recordings TO my computer, for convenient storage, and in case I should ever want to dub. I understand that transfer TO my Mac will require a Hi-MD device, unless I acquire some additional software. So, my question is similar to that last one: Which Sony model numbers will meet all these criteria -- or at a minimum, criteria #1 thru 3? If I'm looking at the specifications for a particular device, how can I tell if it's Hi-MD (or should I simply assume that if it doesn't say Hi-MD, it's not? Likewise with WAV files -- if WAV isn't mentioned, should I assume it's good only for MP3s? Thanks in advance for any tips. I am actually quite intelligent, but with high-tech stuff I'm an ignoramus! P.S. Sorry about my last post, I obviously hit the wrong button
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