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  1. I'm talking to some other possible buyers, including local folks. So if anyone is interested they should speak up soon.
  2. Posting this to eBay tonight, with all accessories including the mic AND ten Hi-MD discs. I know I can sell it that way, so if you want it....................
  3. I'm near Chicago. Big lake that looks like an ocean, complete with sea gulls. I grew up in Maine, all that's missing is the smell of the seaweed...
  4. People have been asking for more specifics on what music is in this collection. Fair 'nuff. Here's some pictures of the discs so you can read the titles. Lots of them are abbreviated so they'd fit on the labels, but that gives you an idea. Some of the spines don't have labels but all the discs do. The ones without labels are Arabic, Southern Appalachian traditional music, and a Gospel album I've tossed in. I'm hoping that you can click on these pictures to enlarge them the way I can do when I'm previewing them. If not I'll try and post these pictures again. Someone asked what the prices are for the different albums. Gosh, I've been hoping to sell the whole collection as is, rather than nickle and dime it. ... I'll sleep on it and get back to you on that. If you have any more questions then just ask
  5. A friend came over with a camera today and we took pictures of my MZ-RH1. You can see it's truly in mint condition. I used it just to upload those legacy discs and it never left my office. I've never added pictures to a post like this. Hope this works..... Also, I've seen that lots of people have looked at this, but nobody's contacted me. I'm open to negotiating the price if people have serious offers. I realized this afternoon that if I don't include the mic then I can't price it like a full MZ-M200. I will include all the other equipment that came in the original box, as well as the original box if you want it. So make me an offer.....
  6. Gee thanks! LOL! Now that's really reassuring....
  7. I'm getting out of minidisc entirely and selling this recorder as well as a collection of rare world music recordings on MD (see my other post for details on that). The recorder, an MZ-RH1 (I'm keeping the mic), has only been used to upload about 120 legacy discs --and that's all. I've had it for about a year, but then soon after I discovered home recording with my computer and software. I just don't do the offsite recording that would make good use of it, at least nothing that requires the sound quality this is capable of. So I never took it out of the house and it's been sitting pretty and pampered like the Queen Mum's cat. Yesterday I saw one on eBay that the owner admitted had seen a lot of use, and it sold for $306. I'm selling mine for $300 'cause I want it to move fast. Like I said in my other post about the world music recordings, I've never sold anything via a forum before. So please forgive me if I don't already know the protocol. I've seen other posts where people talk about IM'ing --or is it PM-ing? In any case, hoping to send this lovely piece of equipment to a good home. Tigger P.S. Oh! just remembered --people typically post pictures of the stuff they're selling right? Oops! Uh... I don't have a camera and I'd need to borrow one if you guys want to see pix to prove that this recorder truly is as mint as I say. In the meantime, Guitarfxr can vouch for my character I suppose, and I do have a 100% rating on eBay.
  8. I'm getting out of minidisc entirely and selling some recordings of world music that I've been collecting for 30 years. It seems a total crime to erase them and sell them as blanks. I've got 102 MD's of music (77 of which are Memorex MD74's if that matters to folks). From what I can tell from Googling, all but about a dozen or so are out of print and only available as vinyl. Geographically speaking they're pretty evenly distributed among the following categories: Asian music (Chinese, Korean, Vietnamese, Indian, Tibetan, etc), Central Asian music (Turkish, Afghani, Kashmiri), music from Africa and diaspora (including the Caribbean), Anglo-American traditional music (for example, loggers' songs from Michigan, or sea chanteys), Central and South American music, misc. European (from Portuguese to Greek to Russian), Celtic, Yiddish, Arabic, as well as some compilations. Most are field recordings, recorded by ethnomusicologists similar to Alan Lomax. Also includes ethnic popular music, such as two albums of Carlos Gardel, the king of Argentinian tango who died in the 30's, and an album of Richard Tucker singing Yiddish songs that isn't mentioned anywhere online except for one website of Jewish music. There's an album of Richard Spence --but not the one that's still available from Folkways. It was recorded by Arhoolie Records in 1971 and not mentioned anywhere online. I've got the liner notes talking about their experiences with that unique Bahamian guitarist. So yeh. Really rare stuff and I want to pass it along. I did some Googling and could only find a very few of them for sale on eBay as vinyl. One of them is currently on eBay selling for $40. http://cgi.ebay.com/VARIOUS-FOLK-old-count...417153005r26241. I've seen a couple sellng online for $10, so that's the range of what this is going for if you can find it disc by disc. I'm looking to sell the entire collection for much less so I can raise some cash pronto. I dubbed these from LP's back in the 70's onto cassette, then from cassette onto minidisc about 10 years ago. They are not sliced into tracks and there's an occasional track missing on a very few of the albums because they wouldn't fit onto the cassette. I do have liner notes for most of them, some quite extensive and detailed. I xeroxed them off the LP covers, then put them through OCR. Some of the liner notes I got online as pdf files, especially from Folkways, Lyrichord and New World Records, but only the Folkways and two of the Lyrichord albums have been reissued into CD. About a half dozen of the Celtic albums are also still available on CD. But other than that, all of the others are now out of print. I'm happy to include all liner notes that I've gathered, either as pdf or Word documents. For someone who cares about rare world music recordings this is a gold mine. Much of this was recorded in the early 20th c. so some of these communities may no longer exist. There are albums recorded so long ago that the titles are inadvertently racist, such as "Man's Primitive Musical Instruments" but the recordings are the real deal. I've got two albums of Korean P'ansori that I got from an ethnomusicologist who recorded the musicians herself and made copies for me. So make me an offer. I need to sell these quickly for the $, so I know I won't get the full value of these recordings. I'm also selling my MZM200, in almost mint condition for $300. Details on that are in another post. BTW, I've never sold anything via a forum before, so forgive me if I don't already know the standard protocol. I've seen other posts on classifieds here that mention IM'ing someone. Can someone explain to me how that works? Thanks much! Really hoping this can go to a good home, with someone who'd appreciate what these are worth!
  9. I'm very interested to hear about that too. I'm holding off on trying any of these suggestions until I understand them better especially the suggestions that I don't understand at all, LOL ...
  10. Wow, THANKS for all the replies and suggestions! This is such a great forum. I've been waiting for the flow to slow down a bit, in order to assemble my questions about all your ideas. Ratbagradio: You suggested I record on HiMD, then plug it into a Griffin iMic to record on my computer with Audacity (I'm assuming that Goldwave is an appropriate substititution, yes? --if not, let me know) Does that mean I would be eliminating Sonic Stage from the process? that'd be nice. What you're suggesting *sounds* like what I've done in the past with my old MZ-R-30 and a Griffn iMic. But uploading files that way has to be done in real time, compared with the quick upload via the RH1 and Sonic Stage. If I do it your way, do I sacrifice quick uploading time? Not really a time saver, then. Or am I misunderstanding you? Here are some more suggestions that I need more explanation for. How would I do this? (idiot-proof directions, please!) : 1) record to the MD player while plugged into the iMic and recording direct to Audacity. 2) use Mp3Direct Cut and record on your pc direct to Mp3 format at your preferred comprerssion even via the MD recorder 3) untie (sic?) the H2 from the PC and after recording, pop its card into the presumed SD card slot on the presumed laptop, and burn the CD from that. 4) each student brings their own mp3 player/recorder and plugging it into the MD audio out to record the session. All you need is one short lead. I also need translation of some acronyms: what are SD or SDHC cards? Definitely going to check out the online locker services for emailing large files. Thanks for that, and for all the other suggestions. I just need to understand some of them better, in order to know if they would work for me. ciao, Tig Part deux: I accidentally hit too soon. in method number 2 "use Mp3Direct Cut and record on your pc direct to Mp3 format at your preferred comprerssion", I particularly want to know how I would do that *via the MD recorder*. thanks!
  11. Not too complicated or difficult, just time consuming. The fact is, anything that takes more time than just handing them the portable media at the end of the lesson, would be too time-consuming --because it would take time away from their lesson. They're not paying me to fiddle with technology, they paying for a music lesson. That's why I'm looking to simplify the process. Thanks for all your help, guys!
  12. Heyyyy!! How you doing? Busy yes, indeed. Digging my way through that huge to-do list, one tectonic plate at a time (or should say, tech-tonic plate? re: the Zoom H2 --well if I had the money burning in my pocket, sure y'bet....
  13. thanks! I didn't want to assume that I had already exhausted all possibilities, especially since I'm still a novice when it comes to recording. But if you say that there isn't any easier way, then I guess now I'll believe it. Oh well... Seems to me this is yet another example of how audio technology is becoming more and more about big recording companies, taking away yet more control from the little people --artists as well as consumers. The more technology develops, the more strictures I'm seeing in how that technology can be used. Last fall I finally succumbed and bought an iPod, naively thinking that the latest model would give me the most features and options. Wrong! Each successive "upgrade" only puts further locks on personal use, and not only in iTunes-land. Case in point is having to remove Sony's DRM when uploading original music recorded on my RH1. This is a corporation restricting my use of *my own music*. That's just so WRONG!! Whew. Rant over. BTW, thanks for the lead on how to send large files by email. I really appreciate it.
  14. Hello! Just got great help on another portion of the forum (thanks!!), and now I have another question that requires your seasoned expertise and creative problem solving. The proper solution will probably involve some non-MD technology, somewhere in the mix. I'm a voice teacher, among other things, and I've been recording the lessons for my students on a cassette tape recorder for years. I know --how "twentieth century" of me.... They need to take these tapes home to get started right away on practicing, especially when they're fresh from the lesson. The reason I'm still doing it that way, is that I can push a button at the beginning of the hour and just hand them the recording as soon as that hour is done. Done. Finis. End of story. They only pay me for the music lesson, and will not sit around for additional dubbing time. Usually there's another student waiting as soon as that one is done. I need immediate turnaround and cassettes give me that. At least they used to. I just got a call from a student who let me know that my cassette recorder gave her yet another bad recording, and this time I'd put in fresh batteries. So apparently it's dying and I'm not buying another cassette recorder. I need a new way to do this. I know that there are CD recorders out there, but as I understand they are about $250 and I just do not have the dineros. If they all had digital voice recorders then we'd be fine, but only a couple of them do. Of course I've got my RH1, but ...sigh...they don't have MD players. I can't just send them to their local Best Buy to pick up blank MD media. Wouldn't that be sweet? So what I'm asking you seasoned recording folks is, what would be the swiftest, easiest, most efficient (and cheapest) way to do this? I could record them on my RH1, upload that through SS, remove copy protection, save it as WAV, convert it to mp3 and email it to them (assuming they have email, not all do believe it or not). If I do email it to them, there's the additional hassle of sending the email via webmail because Outlook won't let me send that big a file. Meanwhile, the time in all those steps would really add up --and I wouldn't get paid for a single minute of it So I ask you, is there any MD (or other technology) method that would give me the same kind of quick turnaround as a cassette recorder? BTW, I do not need fancy audio quality. This is to record exercises and associated commentary, so all I need is the quality that digital voice recorders offer. I already posted this question a while ago on a general recording forum, and they just gave me links to CD recorders. There's just got to be a better way............
  15. Thanks so much for all the replies. This is really helpful!
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