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  1. I just move on when people don't respond in a timely fashion. If they have their reasons, I'd probably understand rather than blatantly do the finger pointing..

    For example, I'm doing a trade with someone and it hasn't concluded yet after a month or so (due to REAL LIFE). My suggestion would be not pouring salt on open wounds like the three of you are currently bludgering about.

    I strongly agree with you Levanel. I had some MDs for sale before, and several buyer email for the price. after all, they didnt reponse just like did to the WHITE guy. Tell me now , do I need to name each one of them on this board and talk about them?? I just move on and wait who is interested.

    Life is simple

  2. First of I am Not Japanese , I am an American Living in Japan .

    Secondly , To Not Return to the discussion and Inform the seller that your are NOT buying , Is EXTREMELY rude . Because that person is waiting for your response , This isnt an open Air market where if you dont like the price you can just turn and walk away .

    This is a Forum in which Communication is a REQUIREMENT

    Third , for Insulting ANY race you should be Banned from these forums .

    I Have read Numerous messages about you from others, that you have dealt with here , Always bad results .

    an RH10 comes to mind as well as other issues .

    Your business is NOT welcome

    Oh no wonder, I thought Japanese are nice. Who were you again . "WHITE." Anyway i don't care. talk whatever you want, and Chris G you too go spend time with your white friend. I think you are the same too.

  3. there are more than a few encounters with this person from others on this board . Based on there experience AND mine , I make my statement , you notice he isnt here defending himself ?

    Because I dont have damn time to talk about this issue with some JAPS like you. SEE. I am the buyer . I have the money on my hand. First of all, I asking for the price. DId i make the deal with you ??? Did I say I am ready to buy??? I dont reply you back; you should know that is deal off. The person not even interested anymore.

    Crazy peopel with Crazy thought. Can't hepl it.

    You have something to say JAPS . Go ahead .

    there are more than a few encounters with this person from others on this board . Based on there experience AND mine , I make my statement , you notice he isnt here defending himself ?

    Defending for myself. You go fuck yourself that is how you defend. FUCKING JAPS PIG.

  4. Up for sale is Brand new Sony latest model MZ-RH1. Item has never been used. It comes with all the accessories also I will include English instruction.

    Item needs to go ASAP.

    Payment method : Money order $ 340

    Paypal $360

    Let me know if you're interested. Email me at win2731@hotmail.com or PM me !!! :new_russian:

    Thanks post-63214-1225569728.jpgpost-63214-1225569716.jpgpost-63214-1225569694.jpgpost-63214-1225569684.jpgpost-63214-1225569670.jpg


  5. Hi,

    I have other MDs for sale this time. You are looking at a BRAND NEW Sony HI MD MZ-M200 as known as MZ-RH1. This item is in new condiction never been used, and come with all the accessories. post-63214-1219540190_thumb.jpgpost-63214-1219540201_thumb.jpgpost-63214-1219540190_thumb.jpgpost-63214-1219540179_thumb.jpgpost-63214-1221507152_thumb.jpg



    Asking price: $350 Shipped

    If you're interested, let me know.

    Thanks for looking :aggressive:


  6. post-63214-1219104771_thumb.jpgpost-63214-1219104857_thumb.jpgpost-63214-1219104907_thumb.jpg


    Hi ,

    This is a Sony 10th anniversary Net MD MZ-N10 in dark gray color way. It is almost impossible to find it. This MD comes with all the accessories plus one FREE battery.

    Condiction about this MD ?

    99.5% new. barely used. Approximately not over 10 times. You can't find any single scratches or dents on it;looks very new.

    Price that I am asking is $195 shipped

    I accpet Money order.

    Thanks for looking.

    PS. If you need more pictures, please let me know.

    Thanks again. :give_heart2:


  7. Is that the 2002 10th anniversary MDLP recorder with a built-in battery, like the E10 MDLP player?

    Very nice looking indeed, I like the graphite gray.

    I see you have the side-car AA battery attachment, charging cradle, and the DC wall adapter is the original Japanese one, 6V out, 110V in... so a step down converter or universal 6V adapter would be needed...

    Hum, I might still forward this thread to a friend in need of a new recorder, in case he'd rather stick to MD over Hi-MD...

    Yes Sir , you're right . This is Sony 10th anniversary N10 Net MD, and this device is hard to find. AC adaptor is 100V input. It works with US and Asia.

    Please , show this thread to your friends, and thanks for doing that . Appreciate it .

  8. post-63214-1213977656_thumb.jpgpost-63214-1213977035_thumb.jpg




    HI MCF ,

    I have brand new Sony High Technique built in 1.3 megapixel camera HI MD SliverMZ-DH10P for sale. Did you guys notice sony uses HD Digital AMP for DH10P which is same as NH1. (Last model made in Japan). High music quality playback. NO MIC nor does there have Line in. Probably it will brake down easily when all the functions build together.

    Price asking $250 shipped .

    Money Order only I have some references from this site if you want to check with them.

    Here are the pictures was taken by Jave (Thanks for Share) Black model

  9. Im interested in this but i live in the UK.

    Could you give me a price including shipping to the UK.

    If the item is marked down as a gift on the paperwork I think it would escape duties... probably.

    I could pay with Paypall.


    Hi ,

    How fast do you wish to receive it ? If its just regular Air Mail then the shipping would be $30 USD

    Any further questions ?

    Hi ,

    How fast do you wish to receive it ? If its just regular Air Mail then the shipping would be $30 USD

    Any further questions ?

    I am sorry . I didnt count with mini disc . Plus 15 minidisc will be around $35 .

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