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  1. I strongly agree with you Levanel. I had some MDs for sale before, and several buyer email for the price. after all, they didnt reponse just like did to the WHITE guy. Tell me now , do I need to name each one of them on this board and talk about them?? I just move on and wait who is interested. Life is simple
  2. Oh no wonder, I thought Japanese are nice. Who were you again . "WHITE." Anyway i don't care. talk whatever you want, and Chris G you too go spend time with your white friend. I think you are the same too.
  3. Because I dont have damn time to talk about this issue with some JAPS like you. SEE. I am the buyer . I have the money on my hand. First of all, I asking for the price. DId i make the deal with you ??? Did I say I am ready to buy??? I dont reply you back; you should know that is deal off. The person not even interested anymore. Crazy peopel with Crazy thought. Can't hepl it. You have something to say JAPS . Go ahead . Defending for myself. You go fuck yourself that is how you defend. FUCKING JAPS PIG.
  4. Up for sale is Brand new Sony latest model MZ-RH1. Item has never been used. It comes with all the accessories also I will include English instruction. Item needs to go ASAP. Payment method : Money order $ 340 Paypal $360 Let me know if you're interested. Email me at win2731@hotmail.com or PM me !!! Thanks
  5. twfree


    YEP !! One left. But USED
  6. Hi, I have other MDs for sale this time. You are looking at a BRAND NEW Sony HI MD MZ-M200 as known as MZ-RH1. This item is in new condiction never been used, and come with all the accessories. 03933.JPG] Asking price: $350 Shipped If you're interested, let me know. Thanks for looking
  7. Hi , This is a Sony 10th anniversary Net MD MZ-N10 in dark gray color way. It is almost impossible to find it. This MD comes with all the accessories plus one FREE battery. Condiction about this MD ? 99.5% new. barely used. Approximately not over 10 times. You can't find any single scratches or dents on it;looks very new. Price that I am asking is $195 shipped I accpet Money order. Thanks for looking. PS. If you need more pictures, please let me know. Thanks again.
  8. Yes Sir , you're right . This is Sony 10th anniversary N10 Net MD, and this device is hard to find. AC adaptor is 100V input. It works with US and Asia. Please , show this thread to your friends, and thanks for doing that . Appreciate it .
  9. Sweet thing goes to sweet MD lover. Take it home raintheory
  10. Hi all, You are looking at Sony Limited Edition Sony MZ-N10 Dark Gray. This is 99.8 % new. I could say almost BRAND NEW . Hardly used. Asking price: $220 shipping. Plus One free battery. If you're interested , please email me . Enjoy it .
  11. WHAT !! You offer me for lower price . DO I have MUST to buy it . I dont think so.
  12. $499.95 is Sony retail price, but someone willing to go down to $289 or $313 WHY? No onw wants ? Are the website realiable . I dont know; anyway, RH1 made in cheap materia. Top of the line . SO what, I will go with DH10P. Mine is beand new . I just dont know why someone said it's USED.
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