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  1. Heres a strange thing SS (a coincidence I presume??) will not load my legally bought Bob Dylan Albums, however here is the strange thing....if I "borrow" mp3s from file share sites (i.e. non-licenced tracks) it WILL load them into my player and they work fine Why is that??? It sort of forces people to use illegally downloaded tracks even though they have legally bought albums
  2. Ok this is what I had to do....first uninstall SS and ALL OMG applications using control panel uninstall...then go through registry deleting EVERYTHING I could find relating to Sony, used Ctrl F to look for stuff found DOZENS of entries throughtout the registry. Then ran Crap Cleaner, Registry Fix, Reg Mechanic AND ULTRAWincleaner Oneclick just to be sure I got all the clag out of the registry. Then I installed the 3.4 SS which I got on CD with my NW e-003, finally SS started to work, I even got it to load some of my albums although for some reason it will not load other ones (all legal legitimate CDs from big Record Companies i.e. Bob Dylan Modern Times will not load and others... ) For some reason it is loading ordinary MP3s but it still continually crashes.....what a pile of poo SS is, thats why I was really hoping GYM would work for me Thanks so much for your help Stuge I will try void
  3. Ah wel...key generator hung up....I followed the instuctions to the letter and the bottom line is that ALL the music on my NW-E003 is GONE, I coppied the temp files and the omgaudio (as well as the omgbackup) to my hdd, when I checked the player there was no playable mausic on it anymore, when Ire-insalled the backups they were corrupted too I re-initialised the player and then tried using SS to reload my music back on, it would not load my legally held music onto the player, GYM wouldn't work either and I believe mp3 manager is not suitable for use with my NW-E003, so now I cant get ANY music back onto my player....
  4. Ok all....having looked at my registry, I could not find those references at all...so I re-installed WinXPsp2(took me 30 minutes) and then rn key generator again....worked first time! I will report back if I get GYM working too...heres hoping
  5. OK I tried that, and I am still getting the same error
  6. I am running Net framework v2.0, thanks for speedy reply I am running Net framework v2.0, thanks for speedy reply
  7. When I run key generator I get an "unhandled exception" error message and something about "jit debugging" I know nothing about this I simply want to use any software other than the pile of festering poo that is sonic stage, which wont let me put my own legitimate cds and music collection on my network nw003 mp3 player. If I can gey GYM up and running I would be REALLY thankful...I'm sure I'm doing something dumb for it not to work. WinXP AMD 64 4000 X800XL 2gb Ram
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