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  1. Howdy, On my PA I have a choice of stereo and mono outputs. The thought had crossed my mind. I will probably go down the mono route since I don't see me panning anything. For the more advanced things like that Im gonna record to a laptop if I can get one soon. Im gonna use the minidisc for, maybe not rough, but basic but decent recordings. Thanks for the tip!!
  2. Thanks for that. I shall keep that in mind. I was browsing eBay and I came across these 3 SONY NEIGE MINI DISCS PACK OF 10 SONY PREMIUM MINI DISCS - PACK OF 5 5 Recordable Sony Blank Minidiscs:Mini Discs: Colour 80 All 3 are around 10 euro. The colourful seemingly gimmic of the last link appeals to me , but is there any really difference in them? I would go for the pack of 10 but would the second link and indeed the 3rd be a better choice in terms of sound or is it more the actual MD player/recorder you own that decides that? btw. Im presuming all MD's are re-writable. Im I correct? btw 2. I am a total novice as is apparent here lol Thanks Rob
  3. Hello, I'm new to this forum. Seems like a cool place. Jump to the bottom to skip the semi-pointless blurb Im in a band and we are trying to figure out good ways of recording. Now the original idea was to use a laptop and audacity or something like that to record but sadly my laptop isnt up to the job spec wise. Tis a very old, but still a legend, Toshiba. Anyway, I was staring at the ceiling for no apparent reason when my eyes stumbeld across my brothers old Sony MDS-JE330 on top of a cabinet. It had been sitting there for years. I was thinking we could use our PA's analogue outputs and stick it into the Sony and record with all the levels and what not controlled by the PA. That part is grand, but I am unsure as to what Minidisc's to actually use there are none in the house and I need to buy some but Ive never recorded of had any experience with a MD player/recorder so Im curious as to if a 74 min or 80 min (or whatever they may be) disc is preferred or needed. To cut a long story short, what type if minidisc's do I need for the Sony MDS-JE330? Also, any tips on how to use the machine? I was able to track down its manual but I need something comprehensible lol Thanks and best regards, Rob
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