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  1. dinbouk

    walkman x series

    hello, does someone know if the sound of this player is limited if you buy it in the USA? tHANKS
  2. Hello, i live in france and i would like to buy the new nwz-x1060 player.However, in france and europe, it seems that the sound is locked. in the usa, there is another version of the player: nwz-x1061, do you think that on these players the sound is locked too? in fact, this is because of that i dont want to replace my old HD5. THnaks
  3. dinbouk


    from where please?
  4. dinbouk


    Hello everybody, i would like to buy the nwz-a829 but in my country, the volume is limited.i was told that on mp3-player.de, you can find it without volume limitation.did someone buy this model and is that true? do you know a website where i can buy one without limitation? if i buy it on mp3-player.de, will i be able to change the language of the player? , in fact, it's german website. Thanks for your help
  5. hi all does someone know when connect player will be released and if it will work with the hd5 ??
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