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  1. Hey everyone. Casually wandered back, noticed a huge influx in prices for MD blanks and equipment. What on earth happened, and am I sitting on a gold mine? Even the units I dislike the most are going for over a hundred USD, used. And with all the increasing prices, where can I find reasonably priced MD blanks, and what is reasonable now? Of course I'm really too nostalgic to get rid of my gear, I try and try to find something to replace my MD gear, but for the life of me have been unable to do so. Sorry in advance if this has been asked multiple times, I just remember buying an RH910 for less than a hundred dollars, almost a year ago, and seeing one on ebay for nearly four hundred USD.
  2. I've went through the process again, it distorts much less now than it did before. Thanks for everything, my RH-10 is usable again.
  3. I remember reading the instructions carefully, and remembered to not do anything dumb to damage it since I already had a US/Canada Model, I browsed the service manual, and did a search in the forums, but I can't seem to find anything in the manual or here to reset the values to their factory defaults. I'm aware of there being a way to reset some values to default on older Net-MD's (n510) but obviously using those particular values, at the same addresses would most likely leave me with as you said a "rather valuable paper weight". I knew I shouldn't have played with it to begin with, but I'm still unsure if this is my own doing. The only thing I remember doing (and I did this a year or two ago) was change the destination code from 20, to 24, and then back to 20. I appreciate the help so far.
  4. The distorted audio isn't from something I've recorded manually from it, this was previously transferred audio. It just seems to have trouble with bassier audio, but the same disc in other players, with the same equalization settings and volume have no problems at all. Thanks for the service manual, I'll see if I can find the value I'm looking for, and hope it's something I did subconsciously.
  5. I have a slight problem with my MZ-RH10. I've had it for years now, and I stopped using it long ago because at higher volumes it begins to distort badly (anything after 18). I feel that this was my own doing when playing with it in service mode to add the language support, and then eventually changing it back so that I can edit tracks. Is there a setting and value in service mode I can use to reset it entirely to factory defaults without bricking the entire unit? I miss using the poor guy, it was my first Hi-MD unit any help would be appreciated.
  6. Snostrebla


    Odd thing I used one of my recorders for. I didn't own a stereo with optical inputs, or anything I could use to pump the sound from my first generation Playstation 2 to my stereo. I did have my recorder with an optical in, and a car FM transmitter for portable devices, and etc. Hooked the optical in the Playstation to my MD, and broadcasted the sound via the FM transmitter to my stereo. An interesting, and somewhat reasonable way to make my dull sounding TV loads better. I'm sure there are other things people can do with their Playstation 2's and MD's. I even remember recording an album from the Playstation to the MD, even going as far as playing games/watching films just through headphones with the television on mute.
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