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  1. bit more than yours http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewI...em=200234452121
  2. my god, chris. you have trust issues. were you raised in a family of double agents? lol
  3. paid instantly. looks like transaction is going much smoother than my last sale to on this forum..
  4. Wow. amazing what ebay turned out for me http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewI...O:IT&ih=010
  5. I vaguely remember that name. I think it washim. Strange thing is, even when we corresponded through email, never once did he address me by my name. I only found out his name when he gave me his shipping address. On top of insisting that I was lying and that I was trying to pass off a used RH1 as new, pretty rude if you ask me. In retrospect I regret agreeing to sell it to him. Nobody should have to take that kind of lip from anyone around here. Good luck trying to sell your RH10. If you're going to ebay it, I suggest give it a week or so after my listing ends.
  6. Gave him about $25 off I forgot his username since I cleared out my message box. Will an email be okay? Also, what's to stop someone from making new identities if they want to buy stuff again? Frustrating... as General Ourumov says in the intro to Goldeneye - "You.. Can't Win."
  7. Long story short - I was scammed/tricked by a forum member who purchased my silver RH1. Under the pretense that he would buy both this RH10 and the new silver RH1 I was also selling, I gave him a substantial discount off my asking price for the RH1. He was the single most paranoid purchaser I have ever dealt with in my history of online selling. His suspicion rubbed off on me and made me uncomfortable. I had lingering thoughts of whether or not he would try to illegally outsmart me and claim the package not arriving or purposely damaging the device on arrival so he could file for a chargeback in Paypal. So I shipped it to him fully insured, registered and with a signature as well as a return receipt, for defense in the unlikely case that he would try to convince Paypal that "I" was the one who scammed him. (what's the legal penalty for a false claim like that anyway?) Oh the irony - He never intended on buying this RH10... rather only to get me agree to give him a combined purchase discount. He wanted me to ship to him the RH1 "first" and because "he didn't trust me, and that this was the first time we were doing business", he would buy the RH10 later. He's not responding to any of my emails now that he has his RH1 in his hands. With the lack of interest around this forum these days, I've finally ebayed it. Disappointing... I thought forum members shared a common minidisc hobby/interest and looked out for one another. Guess I'm naive http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewI...E:IT&ih=010
  8. mdt1007


    Hi, sorry I was thinking of customs tax and used the wrong term! If I mark the package as a "gift" and declare the value under a hundred would potential Canadian buyers not have to worry about being charged? Thanks for clearing that up for me. OP edited and noted yoshi
  9. mdt1007


    Still available for sale. Still want $325 shipped to US ($350 shipped to canada) For reference, you can look up my ebay seller feedback - uvholic. send me a private message to my ebay username and I will respond to you there.
  10. mdt1007


    I'm giving a price break if purchased together with the RH10 I'm also listing - total price is $520 shipped, non-negotiable. thanks
  11. I have 25 brand new, sealed in original individual blue packaging 1GB Hi-MD discs for sale. $5 each $5 flat rate shipping on however many you want to buy. non-negotiable. thanks
  12. Though this is the first time I'm listing on this forum, I have prior ebay feedback - "whoisyoshi" and prior to that, "uvholic" which I have sold plenty under. I will ebay these if nobody buys it within two weeks. thanks
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