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  1. Sonic Stage wont transfer files from my library to my mp3. When it proceeds to do so an error report with the files listed appears. I have tried numerous things as in reloading the software selecting different countries etc. The version is Atrac3plus Open Mg ver 3.1. I am currently downloading Sonic Stage ver 4. Am I heading the right? I would appreciate any advice. The device is a NW-HD5. Thanks Martin
  2. Thanks heaps for that! Now I can relax and know that Im not ordering a pizza : )
  3. Was just about to download the Sonicstage 4.0 Full Installer when I noticed that it is coming from a diffenrent site (http://www.pepperonistavern.com/temp/SS40_MDCF.exe), a site that isnt even operating yet and looks like it doesnt have anything to do with software. Do you have a security issue here? Please explain................... Regards Martin
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