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  1. Hi! I have S202F. Does FM radio, and other things(miles counter) work with VoidMP3?
  2. I use Tune UP! I ll try. This could help! Did what you said! I think you solved my problem. (I do not know too much about registry) Thanks!
  3. I did not buy mp3 from Connect. I had these on my PC already. I just imported these from My Music folder...
  4. POP-UP Says : "SonicStage (00000908-6381) The selected music file cannot be played back because the system information has been changed. Click OK to automatically close SonicStage and open SonicStage System Information Restore Tool. (Error Code: 00004e2e)" Then I click OK.... SonicStage System Information Restore Tool Step 1. Database authentication blablabla.... NEXT step 2. Run restore.... NEXT OK Everything works, but I when I shutdown, next time I get same thing....
  5. Each time I start SS 4.2 I get this error. I had it on v 4.0 also. Some wizard starts and fixes problem - then all works fine, but after I turn off my PC, problem comes again! I have Win xp pro + SP2
  6. Does it fully work? I mean, everything works same as SonicStage (apart from that S200 player can now be used like all other mp3 players)
  7. Thank you very much. I ll stick with Sonic Stage for a while (I an not yet annoyed enough, I use FM radio mostly)
  8. "" Do you got an activated "Sound Pressure Regulation" because you buyed your player in the EU? That is a Problem, believe me! "" I do not know what is "Sound Pressure Regulation". I see many people complain player is not loud enough... (if so, I must say I cannot use more than volume 18 of 30!, normaly I use volume 10!) There is AVSL - maybe it is turned on!
  9. Is it possible to add new features with new firmware? I have S202F and some things really suck! 1. I cannot use stopwatch while listening FM radio, 2. Manage radio stations - give names, delete, change order.... I mean, can I somehow contact sony via e-mail to tell them. (I do not expect new firmware in couple of days, but I saw many other players got new firmware) I do not think it could be such a problem to change these things... PS Is there any "unofficial" firmware?
  10. I have got Sony S202F, and would like to know more about GYM and other similar software. I do not have problems with SonicStage 4, but who knows... So I have few questions: 1. Do I lose my warranty if I use GYM? 2. Is it safe to use this software (official webpage is not so "official"). I mean, bugs, crashes etc. 3. Can I use GYM with my S202F? (I did not find proper FAQ) Thanx PS I understand GYM is not commercial, and give my respect to authors, I only want to know is it safe to use it...
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