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  1. Hey, I just got a new machine with Vista installed. I downloaded both Winamp 5.5 and 5.35 with v1.04 of ml_sony. However, Winamp wont even startup when the plugin is installed. It worked alright on my earlier machine (with both Winamp 5.35 and 5.5 on XP). This makes me think there might be some runtimes I need to install. Do any of you guys know which I need? Mine's a Vista Home premium edition and Vaio portable mp3 player VGF-AP1L.
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    Hey Otiasj, Is there anyway to sort the files? I mean, Winamp shows them to be sorted by [artist - album - tracknumber - title] in that order but as far as I can see, the songs in the player are in random order (either in All songs or in the Artist sort facility). In any way, I have uninstalled SS and you dont know how grateful I am to be rid of that crap software. Thank you.
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    Hi otiasj, I have a VGF AP1l vaio player. I followed your instruction in the readme.txt. I didnt know if my player is protected or not so I did both the things (with the nocode.txt and with a fresh OMGAUDIO is both instances). In both the instances, after transferring the files, I can see them in the list. But it just doesnt play. I dont get an error message as such. It reads the song length correctly and the tags correctly as well but it doesn't play them. Do you know what the problem is? Can you help me? EDIT: Weird. I had backed up my database just like you had said and it didnt work on any of the fresh database with or without mp3filemanager. So then I deleted the mp3fm folder and also deleted everything from the the original OMGAUDIO folder except for the 04CNTINF.DAT file and retried sending through winamp. Now it works!
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