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  1. Hello all - please help I recently started using my MZ-R909 that I'd bought off eBay sometime ago (used). I wanted to started recording some exterior sounds and I thought that this would be a good starting point. When I switched on the MD for the first time the NO BAT sign was flashing so I assumed the obvious. When I put the MD on the cradle, the red light flashed once while positioning the MD on it and then it immediately goes off. Then, I thought that something might be wrong with the connection points and I removed the cradle to charge it straight from the charger [ SONY AC-ES305, 3V, 500mA ]. Doing this results on the display showing the charging status for 1/2 a sec and then dropping the whole procedure off, ALTHOUGH it plays, records, etc just fine when plugged in with the supplied SONY power supply (!). Subsequently, I thought that there might be a problem with the battery that it came with (being used et all) and I run off to get a new one [ In both cases the battery used is the SONY NH-14WM(A) - 1.2V 1350mAh ]. Still, no luck. The charging procedure immediately drops. Would that be a well-known problem? Could anyone tell whether this situation indicates a faulty MD or a faulty power supply? Many thanks to all
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